Things You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinets

The look of a kitchen is elevated by the cabinets installed in it. New and remodeled kitchen cabinets not only give your kitchen a new look but make the space more functional. Kitchen cabinets nowadays come with varying designs and shapes and there are just too many options too select from. The price points are also different for the various kinds.

Kitchen cabinets are an essential and because they help you organize your dishware and they add the much-needed touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Hence, you need to be very careful and choose wisely before getting new kitchen cabinets. This article here helps you make the best decision about your kitchen cabinets by specifying the key points you need to keep in mind before you proceed further.

The key points that need to be thoroughly followed before you take your final decision are listed below:

  • Set the budget accordingly. If you are getting an entire kitchen remodeling done then devote 40% to 50% of your total expenses behind kitchen cabinets because they occupy the maximum space and determine the look of your kitchen. However, if it’s just getting new cabinets to enhance the look of your kitchen then the budget has to be planned accordingly. You can keep it on the lesser side without compromising on quality by looking out for the best options that offer sizes and shapes matching your kitchen area and whether the look complements on the whole.
  • It’s also important to look out for certified brands because they are tested against humidity, large ranges of temperature, durability against kitchen substances such as lemon, vinegar, fruit juices, ketchup, etc. Certified brands will also help you purchase smart because then you will know that how long your cabinets will last in a good condition and you will also be satisfied with the fact that your cabinets are safe from kitchen abuse.
  • It is always very important to measure your kitchen space. The people who will be coming to fit those cabinets will come over to maneuver the area but it is better for you to measure it all by yourself and get an idea of where the new cabinets should be fit. If you have these measurements handy then you will be able to deliver accurate information to the salesman at the kitchen store which in turn will enable him to come up with better ideas and estimates about your project.
  • Choose your designs and decorating style because that is the very next step. Go through magazines for options and choices or even try visiting home décor stores to pick up some ideas. Online there is endless number of sites to seek help from and you will always have the option of an interior designer coming over and assisting you in your job. You can go for natural wood finish where you will have plenty of colors to choose from or laminate finish is what you can go for.
  • Next would be the type of cabinets you would choose from for your kitchen. Stock cabinets are not on the expensive side and they are available in a limited number of woods or styles; they also have very standard shapes and sizes. The next type is the semi-custom cabinets. They are built in the factories and come in standard sizes. However, they have a variety of options for design, storage, and style. The most expensive and fashionable type in the market are custom cabinets. They are constructed on-site in any style according to the preference of the user or in a workroom according to designer specifications.
  • Do not throw away or waste your older cabinets. Make good use of them by donating them to organizations that will use them for resale. There are many groups that even pick them up from your house. The cabinets should be removed with care and it is better to keep your contractor informed about this beforehand.
  • If you plan to put in new wood trim to your new cabinets to match with the look then it is supervised to order for cheaper prefinished trim than having the painting or staining done on-site.
  • The new age cabinets try and incorporate user-friendly options such as full extension roll-out shelves so that when you have to get the things that are placed right at the back do not hurt yourself. The large drawers that are present in the base cabinets can hold various articles such as pots, pans, and other dry goods.
  • The cabinets already come with the drawers and doors attached but still, it is better to strip down the cabinets before putting them up. It might seem like more work done but then it will make the cabinets lighter and easier to work with and handling them won’t be so daunting. Also, they will be more available to screw together.
  • A very important point to note down is to know that you need to have good knowledge about where your existing kitchen appliances are. You need to know the position of your gas stove, your plumbing systems, your sink, and your electrical outlets are. Only after gaining knowledge of all this will you be able to determine the positioning of your new cabinets.
  • The hinges, knobs and drawer slides should be top class and of excellent quality. They should be durable because they form an essential part of the cabinets because they wear down the fastest with time so it is important for them to have a longer life.


Without any doubt, the correct selection of kitchen cabinets can totally transform the look of your kitchen. It can also add a lot of value to your kitchen and in turn your household and also add a touch of regal beauty. There are hundreds of kitchen designers to pick and choose from but Urban Kitchens and Joinery is definitely the best choice to make because of their excellent services.