The Most Useful Tools to Repair the House by Your Hands

The Most Useful Tools to Repair the House by Your Hands
The Most Useful Tools to Repair the House by Your Hands

Although making a repair to your home doesn’t always require being equipped with all possible tools and work materials, there are still some instruments you can’t get along without. A small set of well-chosen work tools will make the difference while fixing house windows, routing supply cables, replacing damaged wood board siding, etc. In this article, we list the most useful and important tools you will more than likely need for making home repairs.

Regardless of whether you live in your own house or rent an apartment, you want to be armed with the right toolkit. Of course, the fact that you rent a place for living not always means every broken piece of furniture should be fixed by your lessor. Likewise, you unlikely want to inform him whenever you break down the door lock or toilet seat lid. There is a lot of info regarding home repairs available on the web, so, you can always figure out how to use a stud finder, coping saw or voltage meter.

Most Essential Tools in Your Toolbox
While tools are a crucial part of your household, you hardly need a big toolkit for your tasks. A good small toolbox will be a great option to match your needs. So, let’s figure out what tools you will usually need for your home repairs.

Tape measure. A flexible tape measure is an indispensable tool for any home project. Tapes typically differ in length, and a ruler that is ten to twenty-five feet is the most popular option. A good rule of a thumb is to consider buying a 5/8-inch wide tape since it’ll stay rigid while extended. Almost all rulers feature an automatic return and a tape block keeping the measurement type from rolling back into the case.

Multi-bit screwdriver. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of this tool in your arsenal since almost every piece of furniture includes screws in its construction. A multi-bit screwdriver comes with several screwdriver bits held in the handle. When choosing the right one for your needs, it makes sense to pay attention to the number of detachable bits, quality of the ratchet mechanism and availability of a bit storage.

Finish hammer. A hammer is the oldest and most frequently used tool, it is an indispensable piece of any toolset. Finish hammers are typically suitable for most works and projects, so, whether you need a tool to hang a picture, or fix a nightstand, the hammer of this type is going to be your right choice.

Utility knife. Many of us use this tool exceptionally for opening cardboard boxes. With that, it can also be used for cutting leather, plastic, rubber — this list is endless. Likewise, the utility knife is perfect to use with any thin materials that need to be sliced accurately.

Needle-nose pliers. The pliers of this type ensure an excellent grip for extracting stubborn things and details like nails, screws, nuts, etc. When it comes to selecting the best option, consider buying a pair with a convenient rubber handle — it’ll increase your grip strength.
Adjustable wrench. Many people from time to time use net wrenches to tighten and loosen bolts and nuts on water tubes, chairs, various electrical equipment, etc. Therefore, picking the right adjustable wrench is definitely a smart investment to your toolset. Only a couple of turns and you can grapple with all nuts and bolts in the house. When it comes to the size, the 6-inch wrench will be the great addition to your toolbox.
Bubble Level. To check whether a window frame or air conditioner installed straight, you’ll need a bubble level. This tool greatly facilitates any job and eliminates any type of human errors.
There are many other essential tools you might need while working on your home projects and making your house repairs. With that, the collection of tools listed above will allow you to cope with the most common technical issues on your own.

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