Stylish and functional Kitchen Designs

When deciding on new built-in cupboards or closets for your home, people typically only think about the need for storage space and a finish that suits their chosen colour scheme and personal style. To truly optimise your home and how you make use of it, it’s well worth looking more closely at what your exact needs are for your kitchen designs in Pietermaritzburg and how they can be accommodated.

Stylish & Functional Kitchen Designs

Our experts at Cupboard Value believe that a well-designed storage solution is one that not only looks great and stands the test of time but one that has been strategically designed.

With the vast array of options available today at Cupboard Value, you can transform your kitchen units and cupboards from merely being shelves and drawers to become a truly functional solution that makes your everyday life easier. If you’re looking for ideas for kitchen designs, Pietermaritzburg hosts one of our many showrooms where you can browse and get some great ideas to inspire your new kitchen.

Get Creative With Your Space

One of the first things you should take into consideration is how much space you have to work with. A larger kitchen gives you plenty of options in terms of the size of your cupboards and how many drawers you need, while a more cramped kitchen will need a bit of creative thinking.

Introduce Moveable Elements

Storage space can be optimised by introducing folding, rotating and shifting elements. For example, corner cupboards with rotating shelves will make finding items much more comfortable, with no need to dig around to find things in the back.

Double Your Shelf Space with Innovative Cabinets

Double-stacking your cabinets so that half of the shelving is on the inside of the door, will give you double the shelf space and quick access to smaller items like spices and condiments. If the surface area is a problem, you can install a slide-out preparation area that won’t be in the way the rest of the time.

Enjoy the Convenience of Pull-out Pantries & Hidden Storage Areas

These are just a few ideas for kitchen designs from Cupboard Value. We know that pantries aren’t a common thing anymore, but you can enjoy the convenience of one by installing pull-out pantries: shelving sections that you pull out like drawers.

Don’t want your appliances to be noticeable all the time but don’t want to take it out and pack it away every time? By creating hidden panel storage areas on your counters, toasters, blenders, and other appliances will be hidden from sight but immediately accessible.

Contact Cupboard Value For Innovative Kitchen Designs

If you’d like some more ideas and inspiration for kitchen designs, Pietermaritzburg’s showroom features several of our designs, and we have professional experts available to discuss options with you. For all your cupboard needs and for expert advice on innovative designs, email or call us right now.

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