Reasons Why Composite is the Best Decking Material For Your Garden

Reasons Why Composite is the Best Decking Material For Your Garden
Reasons Why Composite is the Best Decking Material For Your Garden. Photo: Pixabay

For many homeowners, the garden is ideal for family get-togethers. Whether it’s grilling dinner with friends on a cold winter night or afternoons admiring a gorgeous summer day, decking is the best way to create a space that symbolises unity. Installing decking is the best way to give your garden a touch of class, sophistication and your personal style.

Since wood decking requires regular maintenance, many people are leaning towards the composite route. Due to its low-maintenance qualities, durability and alluring appeal, composite decking is gaining popularity.

Many reasons make composite the best decking material for your garden. Here are the top seven reasons why you might choose composite decking for your garden decking project –

Eco Friendly

Composite decking is generally made of recycled materials like recycled plastic which is more energy efficient than wood. It uses fewer natural resources,  avoids deforestation and doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals used on wood products. Due to its environment friendly nature, composite is becoming a popular choice amongst decking material.

Exceptional Durability

The fact that composite decking bypasses the normal environmental wear and tear that wood decking is subjected to, makes it hard-wearing, long lasting decking solution, with exceptional durability. Generally, its exact life depends on what it’s used for, and how often is it used, but buying composite decking will relieve you off the stress of replacement boards for years to come.

Low Maintenance

Once composite decking is laid there, there is very little aftercare that is required. It is moisture-resistance, so rot isn’t an issue. It does not fade away to that depressing mush colour and requires no additional protection. All told, once it is laid, you will be able to enjoy it hassle-free for the next 15 years.

Ready to Use

Because of its artificial makeup, composite decking is famously quick and easy to install as you get it home. There is no need to sand, stain or paint the material before installation. All you have to do is just prepare the area that is to be covered and you are good to go. It is a perfect weekend project which will get you quick and classy results.

It’s Easy on The Wallet

Although the initial cost is slightly higher than natural alternatives, composite decking is cost-effective in the long. Being both, low maintenance and durable, choosing composite as the decking material for your garden will help you save a lot of money as you will not have to replace or restain boards that have faded. Yes, that’s right! Over time it quickly starts to level out in all the money you can save on maintenance. It is the best way to get an outstanding decking for your garden that stays aesthetically pleasing without the long term financial burden.

No Splinters

Composite decking is designed to be slip resistant and splinter-free, which makes it the ideal choice for families that have kids or four-legged animals running about on their decking. In the case of wooden boards, splinters and silvers of wood start to rise, making excitable members of the family prone to injuries and slips. With composite decking, you will not have to worry about this, and you can roam barefoot outside. Additionally, many composite decking styles have a more rigid textured surface which further reduces unforeseen tumbles and improves slip resistance.

Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

While easy installation and sturdiness are certainly very important aspects of a deck, you also want something that adds potential value to your home. Composite decking immediately gives you the feel of style and luxury – it just looks tip-top. It has dozens of colours, styles and patterns that will improve your home’s curb appeal. In addition, the composite decking’s modern finish and sleek lines allow homeowners to choose a more contemporary look for their decking.