Plantation launches exiting new range of aluminium shutters

There was a time, in the mid-1800s, when aluminium was more valuable than gold. It was so prized, that French Emperor Napoleon III’s most distinguished guests were actually given aluminium cutlery, while those deemed less worthy dined with silverware.

Fortunately, scientists found a commercially viable method to extract aluminium and, ever since, industry has increasingly come to value this metal for a variety of applications, as it is light, impact resistant and extremely strong. What makes it even more attractive is its resistance to corrosion and UV radiation. And it’s 100% recyclable

A mere 148 years after the end of Napoleon III’s reign, aluminium is now the second most used metal after steel worldwide. And South Africa’s own Plantation Shutters know only too well why. “Aluminium is well known for being robust – it doesn’t rust, rot or warp,” says Werner Jansen van Rensburg, MD of Plantation Shutters. “It’s a material that’s especially suited to our South African climate for the way it handles harsh sunlight, rain and damp. It’s also fireproof and virtually maintenance free. All of this makes it the perfect choice for our well-known security shutters, not forgetting the beautiful aesthetics. So, we’re excited to announce two new additions to our aluminium shutter range.”

There is still the original, premium Plantation Security Shutters for when security is your priority. They have the most advanced locking system on the market and the reinforced 50mm frame gives you peace of mind.

After nearly 20 years of offering highly customisable installations that allow homeowners to create the homes of their dreams, Plantation Shutters have upped the ante by releasing two new aluminium products.

The first – the 34mm Plantation Security Shutter – is the same high-quality security shutter, with two differences. It has a 34mm frame for customers who don’t require the 50mm one and comes with a three-pin lock (as opposed to a five-pin lock). The slightly reduced thickness gives a different aesthetic and an option to those who don’t require the premium security product.

Then again, not everyone requires a security shutter. Perhaps you live in a security estate, or have other sufficient security measures in place. Maybe you need a simpler barrier but still want it to be aesthetically pleasing and robust, whether it’s to be used to screen a patio, keep monkeys out, provide privacy for a shower or simply as a divider or windbreak. Enter the Plantation Aluminium Shutter, a high-quality aluminium shutter that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It gives you the durability of aluminium and the versatility of indoor or outdoor use and is fitted a non-secure patented “double throw” flush lock.

All three aluminium shutters are 100% locally manufactured and installed by Plantation Shutter’s highly qualified, in-house installation teams. They come standard with a 5, 10 and 12-year guarantee, and you won’t have to wait long. There’s a 21 working day lead time on these beauties.

And there you have it. Three superior aluminium shutter options – all of them fit for a king. Or emperor, if you insist.

  1. Concerned about colour? Plantation Shutters can match the aluminium shutters to any powder-coated colour (a range of 50), or four wood-look colours. The choice is yours!


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