Miter Saws- A Secret to Woodwork

Miter Saws- A Secret to Woodwork
Miter Saws- A Secret to Woodwork

While walking in a market have you ever stopped by, just to witness a beautiful piece of the woodwork? I am sure you can definitely relate to me. Intricate pieces of the woodwork are always beautiful, the cuts and curves, the carving was done in it are so mesmerizing.  Have you ever wondered that how such perfection and finesse is achieved in these pieces? The hard-core, talented and skillful woodworkers use plenty of tools from their depot to pull off such amazing designs. One of the most important tools that are used in woodwork is miter saws.

What are MITER SAWS?

Miter saws are commonly known also known as ‘drop saws’, ‘abrasive cut-off saws’ or ‘chop saws’. It consists of a huge backsaw blade or a circular saw blade attached to it which makes the most accurate crosscuts or miters at a certain angle which then stuck together in a geometrical way to create a piece of art, or furniture or carpentry depot stuff like a wooden door, door and window frames or staircase railings.


There are many types of miter saws that are used for multiple purposes. Let’s find out,

  • Original Miter Box and Saw: It’s the basic miter saw that is attached in wooden or a plastic box having just 3 slits of 90 degrees or 45-degree angles. It guides the hands to cut the wooden piece at these angles only.
  • Power/Standard Miter Saw: This miter saw cuts the wood from multiple different angles to create a wide range of cross cuts, commonly used as cuts for framing.
  • Compound Miter Saw: The variation in this saw is that one can rotate this saw while cutting and it can create ramp angled cuts to the most complex cuts an angle other than 90 degrees. This is also known as the single compound miter saw, the one which can only be rotated from its head. This saw is mostly used in trim works for home. One of the compound miter saws that are used is dewalt 715. A detailed dewalt dw715 review which can help you in selecting a compound miter saw.
  • Dual- Compound Miter Saw: This miter saw is used to make decorative trim work. It’s different from the single miter saw because the head can be rotated on sides, right and left.
  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw: It is similar to radial arm saw which allows the blade to slide and move back and forth on a rail which can help the user to make intricate as well as abrasive straight cuts on the wood by increasing the size and capacity of the board.
  • Laser / LED Miter Saws: These miter saws have a LED illuminator that specifies the line the user has to make the cut on. This helps in making the most accurate cuts in a wood piece.

This article was all about the miter saws, so hopefully, all the doubts about the complicated wood works are cleared through this. Happy Wood Working..!