How to Know if Your Furnace Has a Problem and Needs Repair

How to Know if Your Furnace Has a Problem and Needs Repair
How to Know if Your Furnace Has a Problem and Needs Repair. Photo: Pixabay

Before you find yourself in the midst of a cold season with a freezing home just because your furnace just shut down completely, you should go and check now if your furnace has some problems and is in need of repairment. 

Furnaces provide us with the necessary warmth needed in our homes. Which is why, as a homeowner, you should be equipped with the knowledge to know if you are running some issues with your furnace. But what if you do not know anything in regards with knowing if you have some problems with your furnace? Surely, you’d be in trouble, right? that is why this article will help you spot out trouble before it shortens your furnace’s lifespan.  

Ignored or Neglected Furnace

This is the question that you need to answer first before you go on looking for signs of problems in your home furnace. Ask yourself when was the last time that you had an HVAC technician check your furnace. Now, if the answer is yes and it has been a year or longer then you should go for annual maintenance.

Your problem for neglecting your furnace from maintenance should, at the very least, the replacement of your filter since it is recommended to be done on a daily basis.

Water Pooling Around the Furnace

One of the signs that your furnace has a problem is the leaking of substances from the furnace, and there are two substances that have the potential to be leaked out by a furnace that is having some serious issues, which are water and gas.

A water leak is suggestively less dangerous than the other one, however, you still need to address this quickly if you do not want to be freezing inside your home. Seeing a pool of water near or under your furnace generally means that it is caused by a clogged condensate line.

Gas Leaking

Unlike water, a gas leak is usually identified when you can smell gas. If this is the case, then you should not panic and go to your furnace to shut it down immediately. Next, open your furnace and shut down your furnace. Be reminded that you should stay cautious and to never light up any matches or turn on any lights in your home. After all of these, call for your local HVAC technician as soon as you can.

Weird Noises

One of the clearest red flags that the furnace in your home needs to be repaired is hearing some weird noise from it such as thumps, scrapes, or a bang. These noises mean that something is not right in your HVAC system and it needs to be checked and repaired. A trained HVAC technician will be able to help you since these noises will not go away on their own.

Furnace’s Air Blows Weakly

If your furnace’s air is quickly blowing the air from flowing freely to barely coming out of the vents out of the blue, then go ask for an HVAC professional and get it repaired. This type of furnace condition can become a problem eventually for your furnace due to several reasons, ranging from minor problems with fans to major issues with motors and belts.

Your Furnace Blows Cold Air

Obviously, if your furnace has started to blow cold air instead of warm air then that’s not a good sign. The most common cause for this is problems with the pilot light or thermocouple, which are both intricated components of  furnace that needs specialized

Thermostat Stops Working

The thermostat’s main purpose is to tell your HVAC system of how much heat that it should produce, and if it stops working, then you have a problem that your HVAC technician should address.

If you have to turn your thermostat higher and higher to heat your home, then this just means to say that your thermostat is becoming ineffective and is a definite sign that your furnace needs to be repaired.

Malfunctions with this equipment usually occur because of electrical problems, like loose wiring, blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Because of the risk, it will be difficult and dangerous to fix on your own so call for an HVAC professional you trust.

Unexpected Rise of Utility Bill

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A heating bill that spikes up without any reasons or corresponding bump in use is a strong indicator that your heating system is in need of repair. There are a few factors as to why this is happening to your furnace, such as problems with the ductwork. However, it is often difficult to pinpoint what exactly causes your furnace to spike up the utility bill.


If you can see or hear any of these signs with your furnace then you should make an HVAC technician check it immediately to avoid further problems with the furnace in your home.