How to keep your deck looking fresh and new


When we talk about architecture, there are numerous new techniques which can enhance your house beauty and one amongst them is the floor decks technique. A deck is a flat surface basically the floor which may be typically constructed for outdoor or any upper level for the terrace and are elevated from the ground level. The decks are usually used to connect a building. This term was mainly generalized from the decks that are associated with the ships.

The decks are mainly found in huge villas and bungalows where they are usually in the backyards or high-level corridors. It may also be an unroofed platform mainly with railing. It is a piece of hard material usually of wood which helps in framing the house.

The deck can be used in many ways for examples garden landscaping or extend the living area or backyard area.

Decks are made up from treated lumber, composite lumber, composite material, and aluminum. There are high-density polyester and plastic used for the construction of decks. History says that decks were made for the purpose of growing forests in the backyards. They are constructed of a wooden platform built around the ground which is connecting the same building It is basically the enclosed railing safety which is constructed. The access to the deck may be from the main house or a separate stairway can be constructed for the same. The residential decks are constructed on steep areas and rough grounds only.

These decks are also covered and made like canopies to protect from the sun.

These are typically structural decks through architectures and requires expert skills and under special observation. Larger buildings have constructed decks usually on the upper floor of the building which can open to the public as observation or greenery.

Roof deck term is mainly used in urban areas which refer to structures build on the top of the existing roof for relaxation purpose.

There are many companies who are taking under the project of providing floor decks helping to maintain long life of them in the future.

Max Francis Quality floors are one of the trusted brands of the second generation floor polishing. The wooden decks take a lot of abuse when it comes to personal use.  They get a huge amount of foot traffic as it is the horizontal surface and is being constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, dust, and dirt.

The various ways in which you can protect your decks are:

Avoid trapping dirt:

If in case you have flowering plants on your deck, make sure you place them on some cement block. This will prevent the planters from trapping the dirt directly to the deck and will prevent it from any further damage.

Grease Catcher to the rescue:

If you are more often using your deck and it comes in contact with grease material then make use of grease catcher. The grease catcher will help you remove any stains or dirt from the grease items that are on the deck.

Sweep it up daily:

The best way to keep your deck looks fresh and clean is to sweep it on daily basis to prevent any accumulation of dust and dirt or leaves on the surface.

Shovel it off:

During snowfall, the deck area is mostly very difficult to clean up. Thus just shovel it off as soon as possible.

Seal and clean regularly:

Make sure that your deck is professionally cleaned up after every two to three years to protect it against sun and rain. It would be a little difficult for oneself to clean the deck as professional, thus it is important to get it done through professional within two years.

Special steps for the new deck:

When you deck is new make that extra effort to keep it clean from the professional cleaners to kill any spares of mildew in the wood which remains and creates impurity. Also, have proper waterproof sealing to your deck to prevent it from the water.

Avoid applying paints and solid stains:

Do not apply any solid stains and paints as they peel off after sometime and requires high maintenance. Only oil based stains are good as they prove to be best protectors for your deck naturally.

Seal the pressure treated woods:

Only one single item cannot help to protect your deck, even the special treated wood cannot alone prevent the deck it also needs repair at regular intervals to hold on its durability.

Choosing the right cleaner:

There are dozens of cleaners available in the market for cleaning the decks. The main chemicals which they contain are sodium hypochlorite, sodium percarbonate, oxalic acid and sodium hydroxide. One needs to be very careful while choosing the cleaner and also while cleaning the deck. These chemicals are in concentrated form and should be used only by professionals

Avoid using ammonia for cleaning the decks as they may leave stains behind and make the deck look ugly.