Choosing The Best Baby Dresser 2018

Buying a baby dresser does not seem to be a tricky or demanding task, but it can be confusing at times considering the number of options available today. So many brands are offering baby dressers these days, but finding the best baby dresser 2018 is the real catch. In order to make a good choice, you need to ensure that the dresser you are buying has a good build quality. It should also be equipped with important safety features to ensure your baby stays safe while you are changing the diapers. The size of the dresser matters as well and so do the materials used to manufacture it. And of course, the price of the dresser matters as well because you just cannot buy some top of the line dressers if you come with a limited budget.

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Interestingly, you can consider the following three options even when you have a rather limited budget. For instance:

DaVinci Jayden Dresser


If you are looking for a relatively large dresser for your baby, you should look no further than this gem from DaVinci. It comes with six drawers and it is double wide as well. It is a highly reliable product with impressive safety features. Made professionally using pine, it comes equipped with metal drawer glides. Interestingly, those drawer glides also contain safety stops, which keep you from removing drawers accidentally. You will also find an anti-tip kit included in the package, which goes a long way in preventing tip-over accidents. You can find it in four different colors, including slate, white, chestnut, and espresso – it means you can consider your existing décor before ordering this best baby dresser 2018. It is worth mentioning though that you will have to assemble the dresser after it is delivered to you. While it does not require any serious skills, you may still have to spend some time learning how to assemble it properly. Another downside is that it uses New Zealand pine, which is quite soft and calls for serious attention when trying to move the dresser. It is a negative point, but it is certainly no deal-breaker.

Romina Dresser

The dresser from Romina Furniture is a perfect choice for people looking for an eco-friendly nursery dresser. Made of solid European beech and sap-based glues, the dresser is finished using a non-toxic finish. When buying this dresser from Romina, you never need to feel concerned about formaldehyde emissions. In addition to its impressive finish, it has many other impressive features going in its favor. For instance, it comes with dovetailed drawers, corner blocks, and soft close drawer glides. In terms of price, it certainly makes you cough up a good amount of money; however, for a dresser with such amazing features, the price is quite reasonable.

Baby Dresser With Changing Table

Modo Changing Dresser

It has to be on the list of the best baby dresser 2018 because it comes equipped with a number of impressive features. This space-saving piece of furniture has a dresser below along with a changing table on top. It looks quite stylish and the layout is quite smart too. You will get good drawer storage space in this baby dresser, and those drawers work quite smoothly due to the availability of metal glide hardware. It is quite safe too, especially because of the addition of raised sides of the changing tray. You cannot pull those drawers all the way out, which ensures the safety of your little angel. The dresser itself is so stylish that you can turn it into a unique piece of furniture once your baby grows out of using the changing tray. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will have to assemble the dresser, which is not complicated but may be quite time-consuming for some.

The fact of the matter is that you can easily find a number of good baby dressers, but you have to opt for the best baby dresser 2018 and for this, you need to pay attention to the availability of several features. Instead of spending time comparing different dressers, you can certainly pick one from the options mentioned above. Just consider your budget constraint and make a purchase!