Choose the best blackout blind for your window

Blackout fabrics are most commonly found in hotels and restaurants. If you want to get a personalized feel then select a personal choice of blackout blinds for your office spaces, boardrooms, media rooms, theatres, schools and hotel room with curtain linings. It is an opaque fabric with foam-backend that blocks the light through the window.

Types of blinds:

Based on the degree of light that is required you can ensure the type of blind with the supplier. Rather than spending money on installation, you can DIY. There are two types of fabrics that are available in the market.

  1. Dim-out blind or Blackout blind which has maximum light exclusion with the property of darkening the room.
  2. Roller blind fabric that is opaque can be used in case of the reasonable degree of light.

Whilst all the blinds look similar at first so, ensure that your curtain has a zipper facility of the side channels. Using a regular curtain will give an unpleasant feeling of the morning sun rays. If you are looking for a more durable option then a blackout shade cloth is recommended. Else if you looking for a pretty design with portable solutions then have a glance at the best blackout blinds on PrizedReviews

1.     Redi shade pleated paper:

This pleated paper offers an original trim to the frame with perfect inside and outside fit. It blocks nearly 99% of the light completely with ultimate UV protection, light control, and privacy. The drills and screws that are installed provide a clean look with child safety. This durable paper works as a stand-alone solution behind the existing windows. You can purchase it at a cost of $29.49 for 36 * 72 inches. It has the below specifications:

  • Easy to install and no usage of tools
  • Perfect solution for metropolitan areas, daytime sleepers, vacation rooms etc.
  • Recyclable
  • Trim-to-fit property

2.     DEZ furnishings shade:

Light-blocking facility against inbound UV radiation makes the DEZ ripple shade outstanding. A locking mechanism with a traditional open and close mechanism will help you overcome most light. Even after blocking out the shades continuously you can expect it to hold on with high durability. It is affordable at a cost of $26.47. It serves the below purposes:

  • Cordless design and quite durable
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Gives a uniform look from outside
  • Easy for open and close operations
  • Mounting and installation is made easier

3.     Achim pleated paper:

If you are someone who prefers short designs, then you can choose Achim home furnishing pleated shade. Just peel and stick it on the window without the interference of any installation tools. It offers a quick solution with easy open and close zipper strings. Calculate the size of the window, cut the paper, peel off the adhesive and stick it where you want to. You can afford it at the price of $74.99. The below mentioned are some of its pros:

  • Reasonably durable
  • Blocks out the direct sunlight
  • Fits almost any window

4.     Arlo blinds cellular shade

One of the dedicated companies that perform blinds, shades, draw-ins, shutters etc is Arlo Blinds. It is a single cell cordless shade with pretty kinds of stuff. PVC fixtures with locking mechanism allow you to operate on the upper and lower boundary. Like most of the blind shades, it performs well while absorbing sound and light. Here are some of its pros:

  • Unique honeycomb construction offers the best sound absorption and insulation.
  • Cordless shade comes with PVC head and bottom rails

5.     Chicology cordless cellular shade:

Actually, Chicology cordless cellular shade comes in different shades and varieties. It has honeycomb filters as well as blackout filters with inner lining. On top of all, it is easy to install with polyester yarn. It does its job quite well with flexibility. It costs around $47.90

Advantages are:

  • 100% polyester yarn with actual size
  • Looks good with a variety of colors
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective

6.     Passenger Pigeon curtain:

This thermal insulated curtain is available with variety of shades and mighty sizable factors in the market. It comes with the specifications of waterproofing, thermal resistance and it is a completely flat sheet. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Gives a completely black window
  • Thermal insulation reduces electricity bills on a longer run
  • Smooth and stylish design
  • Waterproof facility
  • Different colors, size, and shades

7.     Spring blinds roller shade:

It is a great shade if you are looking at a spring-locked roller at variable-size. This comes in different color options with foam backer fabric. You can save money over a grand window fixture. Even a remote control is provided that operates smoothly on the roller. The polyester fabric adds to the grand window fixture. You can buy it at the cost of $83.73

Some of its advantages are:

  • Spring locking mechanism
  • Looks good and gives a smooth finish with a polyester fabric
  • Precise customization
  • 100 percent blackout effectiveness

8.     Windows and garden cordless roller shade:

This particular shade comes with modest colors and different styles. It has a neatly settled roll-down sheet with custom cuts. The vinyl provides the total omission of sunlight with heat blockage during the summer season. You can customize the roller shade as per your window frame. The mount counts on UV protection and child safety. It is available at a cost of $41.92. Here are some of its features:

  • Roller style keeps the shade top in the list
  • Offers a good thermal regulation during summer
  • High-quality vinyl material is used
  • White color on out-facing absorbs sunlight


The blackout blinds not only gives good sleep; it also aims at protection and privacy to your homes. Stripe the traditional blackout rollers for an ideal window treatment. Before purchasing it is good to check the product reviews, ratings, performance, recommendations, maintenance and durability. Not all the blackout blinds are equal as privacy matters a lot, choose the right one with maximum light exclusion.