Best Uses of Quarry Tiles Around the Home

Best Uses of Quarry Tiles Around the Home
Best Uses of Quarry Tiles Around the Home. Photo: Pixabay

Quarry tiles are not the best own type of tiling for the home but they are a really good choice due to their versatility and hard wearing nature. Despite the name, these tiles have never seen a quarry! They are actually created from a mix of ground clay and shales which are formed to shapes then baked until hard. They stand out from tiles made from clay terracotta because they don’t easily absorb water.

Although quarry tiles are often used in various commercial builds because they are so hard wearing they are also a great choice for certain areas of the home, and here we look at this point in more detail.

To glaze or not to glaze?
One reason why unglazed quarry tiles are so popular in busy commercial kitchens is that the slightly rough texture means the chance of falling in a humid environment is greatly reduced, and the same effect can be achieved in the bathroom and kitchen of your home.


You can also find smoother quarry tiles for use inside the home, and these can be sealed to help prevent staining if that is appropriate.) In many cases it’s the grout which stains, rather than the tiles themselves.)

Which rooms really suit quarry tiles?
Hallways, entrance ways and porches do well with quarry tiles because these are most at risk of outside dirt and water from shoes and umbrellas. You’ll be thankful for a non-porous floor surface which, if sealed, doesn’t stain too easily.

Sunrooms are another good place to lay quarry tiles, which easily add warmth to a space if the right color is chosen. The typical colors for quarry tiles are red, gray, and a few shades of brown. The larger sized (8 x 8 inch) tiles are a good choice for areas with a large floor space, although smaller tiles, roughly 6 x 6 inches are available for filling in gaps or adding a pattern for interest.

Kitchens are generally high traffic areas in a home, and quarry tiles cope with that very well. They are also the first choice if you are going for a ‘farmhouse’ look, the perfect foil to wooden kitchen furniture. They are hard wearing and non-slip, which is good in a room where things can easily get spilt. Some people use them as splashbacks in areas away from sinks and stoves, or as countertops in parts of the room where food is not prepared.

For similar reasons they also work well in bathrooms. Do bear in mind though that if you drop something onto a floor laid with quarry tiles the chances of breaking it are very high.

Living and dining rooms are also common areas for people to lay quarry tiles in their home, and in fewer cases, they are also used in bedrooms. They work very well with underfloor heating so if you have that installed it’s very worth taking a look at quarry tiles for several rooms in your home.