5 Most Popular Types of Replacement Vinyl Windows

Most window installers advocate for vinyl replacement windows as they’re highly affordable, durable, and energy efficient. The windows are made from polyvinyl chloride, a mixture of chemicals, and pigments—hence the range of colors and the windows’ ability to withstand direct sunlight.

But just like any other product, vinyl windows also vary with regard to efficiency levels; which then makes it almost painful to discern what’s really best for your home.

Unable to figure out the type of replacement vinyl windows for your home’s window project?

The expert staff at Zen Windows Austin advises that your local window company would be the best point to begin your window journey, however, below is a list of the most popular replacement vinyl windows to help kick-start your search.


Types of Replacement Vinyl Windows

1. Vinyl Double-hung Windows

They’re the most traditional windows yet still offer unique and classic aesthetic styling thus an easy choice when it comes to improving your curb appeal.

Vinyl double-hung windows exhibit two vertically stacked tilt-in sashes which open fully hence making it easier to clean the windows even from the inside of your home. The sashes are also multi-chambered to ensure thermal efficiency.

2. Casement Windows

This type of vinyl replacement windows is usually side-hinged and open outwards—either to the right or left to provide enhanced ventilation. The 90-degree opening angle also allows for easier cleaning of the exterior glass from the inside.

Just like the awning windows, these windows also provide clean and simple lines which perfectly complement the architectural design of your modern home while also improving your traditional home curb appeal.

3. Vinyl Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, just like casements, provide adequate ventilation and a clear view of your outside environment. This is courtesy of their slim vertical lines which work out perfectly well for any home design.

These windows have more in common with the egress windows usually situated in the basements owing to their simple, easy-to-operate nature and large openings. With just a lock and zero tension mechanism, sliders are generally among the least expensive window types.

 4. Vinyl Picture Windows

Just as the name suggests, vinyl picture windows are non-operative windows meant to offer you a clear view of the outside elements while also keeping your home well lit.

They’re usually fixed; implying that they aren’t meant to close or open hence more energy efficient compared to other window types.

Such windows are ideal for the hard-to-reach places of your home—where you don’t really need to open them. They’re also the best window choice if you’re up to minimizing airborne contaminants that enter your house, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

5. Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows are a more versatile type of windows and can be easily used to enhance the architectural accent of any home.

Both are a great addition to any of your rooms as they allow sufficient light and make you feel the spaciousness of your home.

Consider blending them with single-hung or casement windows for more ventilation and lighting.

Now that you know the window types, how then do you establish if you’ve made the right window choice? It’s simple.

How to Choose Superior Vinyl Replacement Windows

While all the window glasses may appear similar from the outward look, the reality is that they exhibit unique features which greatly determine the windows’ quality.

Below, see some of the key factors to consider when choosing quality vinyl windows. You can even go ahead and engage your trusted window installers in the search process as this will help you make a wise and timely decision.

1. Consider taking a Closer Look at the Frame

A closer look at the frame’s cross-sectional area will help you determine the size and number of chambers exhibited by the window—both of which are key factors when it comes to window quality.

Note that the more the chambers and the smaller they’re in size, the better. Why? It makes the windows more weather resistant while also enhancing their durability.

2. Glass Panes

Ensure your selected vinyl window glass panes are double or triple paned for improved energy efficiency levels. Of course, the windows should also be treated with a coating to boost their durability.

3. Window Warranty

Most of the reputable window installers and companies often provide a double lifetime warranty; which is a sure sign of high-quality products.

Planning to sell your home? Then consider vinyl windows with the double lifetime warranty to ensure compensation in case of any damages. The best part is that such warranties increase your home’s resale value while also extending the cover to the new homeowner.


Remember various methods are used to fasten together these replacement vinyl windows frames—and they include the use of screws, caulks, and welding.

If possible, choose the welded vinyl windows since they last longer and are also more reliable during the installation process. However, consider contracting experienced and reputable window installers for a much longer window lifespan.

Author Bio: Dan Hatcher is the owner and operator of zenwindowsaustin.com. He’s been in the window industry than more years than he will admit and has assisted countless homeowners with securing the best windows in Austin.