11 Simple Gate Designs for Your House in 2019


Planning to renovate your old house or moving to a new house? You will probably require a gate if your new house is a bungalow. There are a variety of different gates available to choose from. Today, Architectureideas has brought to you some very good Simple Gate Design For Small House and a big house that you can have a look at.

Have a look at these gates and select the best from them for your house.

Sliding Wooden Door

Simple Gate Design For Small House-1.png

The sliding wooden doors look very nice and sophisticated and these doors are great if you are someone who wants great security as well as privacy. The wooden touch to the doors will look great if you have a garden after the door opens up especially a farmhouse.

Huge Wooden Gates

Simple Gate Design For Small House-2.png

The huge wooden gates will suit your farmhouse in the perfect manner. Or, if you are having a small forest-like area then also you can have such huge wooden gates. No need to get the wooden gate painted, it is better to give a natural look to the gates. The gates are entirely opaque so no one will be able to peep inside.

Combination Of Wood And Iron

Simple Gate Design For Small House-3.png

If you have a big house like a villa then this combination of iron and wood will really work for you. Here, the whole structure of the gate is made up on iron and there are square patterns in the gate which are filled by the wooden logs. It really looks unique and you will find this design only in the royal houses.

Steel Gate

Simple Gate Design For Small House-4.png

The steel gate designs look great before a palace or a huge, elegant bungalow. Have detailed intrinsic carving in the gate and it will look more beautiful. Different design patterns can be made in the gate to make them look beautiful. Your guests will surely have a very good first impression of your house when they enter through such a grand and elegant gate.

Curve Iron Gate

Simple Gate Design For Small House-5.png

These gates are very much suited for the small houses so if you are having a small house and are wanting to have a small, cute gate then without any second thought, just go for it. As the name suggests, the gate is made up of iron entirely. There will be curve lines in the gate one after the another.

Private Chamber Door

Simple Gate Design For Small House-6.png

As the name suggests the door would maintain the privacy of your house. Most of the celebrities tend to have such kind of door so that any guest or any family member coming inside or going outside can do so from the small section of the gate and the whole gate needs not to be opened. No one from outside will actually come to know what is going on inside your house. In this way, your privacy will be maintained completely and you will get a good, elegant gate for your house too.

Modern Steel Gate

Simple Gate Design For Small House-7.png

It is one of the most unique gates that you can have for your house. Your guests are surely going to like your wonderful gate and will complement it for sure. If you are planning to renovate your old house or buying a new house then you must consider this modern option for your gate.

Wooden Gate With Glass In Middle

Simple Gate Design For Small House-8.png

Reading the name, you might be wondering what is this! It is one of the most unique gates that you can have for your bungalow or farmhouse. The gate is made up of wood and has a round glass design in the middle.

It looks pretty unique and amazing and your guests will surely like this new kind of gate design and will appreciate it too. The gate is huge, both in height and width so any car can easily pass through it.  You can completely seal your wooden gate and leave no space between the design if you want to maintain the privacy and allow no one to peep inside your house.

Small Gate

Simple Gate Design For Small House-9.png

The small gate looks very cute, beautiful and elegant and it suits your house in the perfect manner if you have a garden area following the gate. The gate adds beauty to your house and makes it looks pretty awesome. It is literally looking like a fairytale gate which is seen in the imaginary drawings that kids usually draw.

The white color suits the gate perfectly and the surrounding walls or fence should also be colored with the white color only. The gate is small so it is meant to allow the humans to enter or go. The big vehicles such as cars wouldn’t be able to go through it.

Simple Iron Gate

Simple Gate Design For Small House-10.png

As the name suggests, the gate is very simple in design and is not having much detail in it. If you want a simple gate then this iron gate can be the best choice for you. It is also one of the most common gates out there and it is found almost anywhere all over the world.

The gate is very much strong and durable as it is made of pure iron. Go for the best color variant you like for the gate. Black or brown color will suit perfectly to the gate and will look really nice.

Garden Gate

Simple Gate Design For Small House-11.png

As the name suggests, this gate is meant for the gardens so you should have them in your house only if you are having a garden full of flowers and wonderful plants. If you have a separate garden area in your house then you can put this gate before the garden, it will really look great.

You can put the gate between two stone blocks to have a natural look. Paint the gate green or brown if possible for maintaining the natural touch. This gate is small so only one person at a time can enter through it.

So, here is a brief overview of the different Simple Gate Design For Small House and a big house. Select the best gate for your house as per your choice.

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