Winners announced in the #TetleyBIGGESTfan competition

Winners announced in the #TetleyBIGGESTfan competition

South Africa’s biggest tea has found its biggest fan with the #TetleysBIGGESTfan competition. With Tetley offering 10% more tea in every cup of cup of Tetley Premium Blend tea, finding the country’s biggest fan was quite a task – but after sifting through the passionate tea posts, two clear winners rose to the top: Lynn Nagel (Plattekloof, Western Cape) and Pasela Mokemane (Glenvista, Gauteng).


For the #TetleysBIGGESTfan competition, Tetley drinkers were encouraged to share their reasons for loving the biggest tea, with these subtle hints to guide them along the way…

  • If your first thought in the morning, and last thought at night is ‘I could do with a cup of Tetley right now’, you might just be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
  • If 3 cups of Tetley in one morning are still 3 cups too few, then you might be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
  • If the minute you’ve finished a cup of Tetley the kettle is back on again, then you might be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
  • If you’re reading this while enjoying a cup of Tetley, then you might just be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
  • If you’ve got all your friends and family hooked on Tetley so you never have to drink another tea at their homes, then there’s a good chance that you’re #TetleysBIGGESTfan.


#TetleysBIGGESTfan winners


The two competition winners will be receiving a Tetley hamper, valued at R2 000, which includes a beautiful Le Creuset teapot, two oversized Le Creuset mugs, and a selection of Tetley teas and local tea-time treats.


Lynn Nagel’s winning post read: “I am such a HUGE Tetley Tea Fan and have just the biggest cup in my home. Gosh!!! I drink a cup of tea just about every hour. It’s my special way of finding comfort to deal with all the stressful situations and the warm feeling is just soothing to my soul.


Wow!!! I love Tea and nothing on the planet compares to Tetley SA #nextlevelfabulous and TRUE LEADERS in your field!”


Fellow #TetleysBIGGESTfan winner, Palesa Mokemane, posted: “When you realise you’re the girl you think you are because you tick all the boxes #TetleysBIGGESTfan.”


#TetleysBIGGESTfan runners-up


The love for Tetley overflowed online, and a decision was made to reward some runners-up with their own Tetley tea hampers. The chosen three were:


Monica Mthabela (Athlone, Western Cape) who posted:

“I’m the very biggest fan of Tetley SA Tea because it’s the brand I trust that provides a best aromatic smell and tastes so good. I boil the tea bags with boiling water together with milk for 5 Minutes and ready to enjoy it. My whole family changed from their favourite tea after they tasted it to Tetley Tea ❤ I love it! It unites my family.”


Dawn Wallenkamp (Kingsburgh, KZN) who posted:

“I am Tetley tea’s BIGGEST fan because I drink at least 6 cups a day, plus I will go without tea if I do not have Tetley which is very difficult but nothing compares to the taste and strength of my favourite tea.”


Chantelle van Vuuren (Ladybrand, Free State) who posted:

“I drink my tea out of a bucket (my cup is almost 500ml) and there is only one teabag that can give me a strong cup of tea that size. With Tetley’s extra big bag, it’s perfect for me! I drink around 5-8 cups of tea a day and I wouldn’t ever drink any other tea! Tetley SA for life!!!!”


“This competition confirmed that our Tetley fans are some of the most serious tea drinkers out there!” said Tetley’s Marketing Manager, Candice Sessions. “We pride ourselves on having SA’s biggest tea bag, and on building a following of Tetley drinkers who are as passionate about tea and the Tetley brand as we are. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you for being such BIG supporters!”