Super Hair Removal Singapore: How is it Different?

For many people who consider super hair removal, Singapore is usually one of the places in their lists of preferred locations for this procedure.

This is relatable considering the technological advancements in this region, but how different is super hair removal from other procedures? Here’s a quick guide by to brief you on the procedure

After reading this guide, you’ll know whether Super Hair Removal (SHR) works or it’s just another marketing hoax. You’ll also know the various ways it differs from the conventional methods of removing unwanted body hair.

Does Super Hair Removal Work?

Several clinical studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of SHR in getting rid of unwanted body hair. Interestingly, the results showed that SHR can successfully remove a significant percentage of body hair for most people in a just few sessions.

Interestingly, SHR is also very quick since it can help you eliminate any unwanted hair in less than 1 hour in most cases. This procedure may cause permanent hair loss on the treated area when used appropriately with the least risks of getting complications like burns and pigmentation if you’re the ideal client.

So, What Exactly is Super Hair Removal

Super hair removal is a hair removal method that uses light energy to damage hair follicles permanently. In practice, it releases the pulses of light energy at higher frequencies to gently heat the skin and destroy the stem cells of your unwanted hair in the process. This destruction strips the treated area off its ability to grow hair again.

Differences between Super Hair Removal and other Methods of Hair Removal

  • It works for All Types of Hair

If you opted for a laser hair removal method, for instance, the lasers that your aesthetician will recommend for you would depend on your skin and hair color. The laser selection may also depend on factors like the coarseness of your hair.

SHR is different from this method in that it works by targeting both the fine and coarse hair. This means that it would still work for you irrespective of your skin color or hair type.

  • It is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

SHR works by gradually accumulating light energy for destroying the hair follicles. This energy is then delivered deep into the dermis layer to damage the hair follicle causing almost no pain in the process.

This gradual accumulation of light energy ensures that your skin is not stressed, making SHR an ideal option even for sensitive skin, something which is hard to achieve with other procedures like IPL hair removal.

What Should I look for when Choosing Super Hair Removal Clinic (SHR?

Singapore is widely known for having some of the best clinics for SHR. However, that doesn’t exclude the fact there could be a few amateurish clinics in the region. Just to ensure that you land in safe hands, here are a few pointers you’ll need to consider.

  • Safety

Super hair removal will only be safe for you if the safety protocols of using this procedure are followed to the letter. Now, before signing on the dotted line, be sure to check and confirm that the equipment that the aesthetician will use on you has met all the safety standards. Importantly, you may need to confirm the device’s name and do quick research to see if it’s FDA and ministry of health approved.

  • Before and After Photos

Super hair removal is a common thing, and most clinics display the procedure’s before and after images on their web pages. Before committing, it would be better to ask for the before and after photos of past clients.

Ideally, a good clinic won’t promise good results without something to support that. The photos will also help you evaluate the skills and experience of the aestheticians in the facility.

  • Consultation and Customer Service

Customer service isn’t something to be overlooked. You must work with clinicians who will respond swiftly if, you’ll need their help after the treatment.

Importantly, the consultation process should be an in-depth one. You don’t want to land in the hands of clinicians who’ll throw you under the laser without checking if you’re the ideal candidate for the treatment. With that being said, a good SHR clinic should have a good consultation program where all the protocols are followed before you’re cleared to proceed with the treatment.

  • Recommendations

You may also need to seek recommendations from your friends or colleagues who’ve done super hair removal in Singapore. With word of mouth recommendations, you’ll be sure that you’re getting a service that has been proven to work by those you can trust.

If you can’t get recommendations, be sure to check for reviews for super hair removal clinics in Singapore. The reviews past clients say about your preferred super hair removal clinic in Singapore should give you an idea of what to expect.

Wrapping Up

Even though super hair removal is highly effective, it is slightly costly when compared to other options for hair removal. Call us now if you may need any help selecting the best hair removal procedure.

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