Sports Massage Singapore: Is it really effective?

A sports massage is a form of massage therapy intended to assist with the mechanisms of the muscles involved in a particular activity. Sports massage employs a variety of methods before, throughout, or after athletic activities to assist athletes in preparation. This massage is carried out on the areas of the body that are often underutilized owing to athletic events or motions and other vigorous actions. In Singapore, physiotherapists such as those from Elevate Physio, a leading sports injury clinic in Singapore, use sports massage as a method to boost flexibility and help people in avoiding sports injuries. Sports massage can also aid with musculoskeletal injuries, as well as being a way to avoid injuries, assisting individuals heal from a sports accident.

How different is sports massage from other kinds of massage therapy like deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is usually delivered as a full-body massage instead of focusing on a single area of the body. Sports massage, on the other hand, is a concentrated massage procedure that works on various body locations in need of recovery or relaxing. The aim of sports massage is to accelerate healing time, improve efficiency and decrease the physical requirements on the body. Sports massage is also directed at healing problems involved with sports or accident avoidance. Even though a deep-tissue massage may detect regions of muscle soreness, the physical therapist may not be able to focus on regions of sport-specific injury. Both massages utilize related approaches in terms of methodology to perform the procedure. Related massage techniques such as slow rubbing, repetitive motions, tapping, and stimulation are also used for deep tissue massage and sports massage.

How are sports massages administered? 

Sports massage is focused on techniques found in other areas, like physiotherapy and osteopathy, such as tissue and muscle stimulation, concentrating on sore spots in the nervous system to ease tension and pain, and gradual rubdown of tissues covering the targeted areas.

What to expect during a sports massage session?

The therapist will speak to you regarding your fitness and habits before the massage begins. A musculoskeletal and physical examination involving a sequence of drills will be conducted that will enable your therapist to examine your condition. Tests are done to determine your balance and alignment, consistency, and mobility of muscles and joints.

The therapist will request you to lay on a massage table during the actual massage and hand you towels for covering your body to secure your modesty and make you comfortable. To allow them to massage the body efficiently, they may use massage oils and creams. During the process, you will be asked to change posture quite a bit to ensure that you share your thoughts with your doctor so that they can modify the motions depending on the response of the body. During the session, you might feel pain, so if you feel increased in pressure or pain, notify the therapist. The maximum effect of a sports massage, which can help you feel comfortable, revitalized, and revived, usually requires one or two days to feel. Sometimes, for up to 24-48 hours after procedure, you can feel a little discomfort. Your massage therapist will advise you if that’s what you ought to anticipate and how to deal with it.

When is a sports massage needed?

Between one and two days before a particular sport, such as a marathon, it is ideal to have a sports massage. This is to brace your body for your success and increase it. You should have a sports massage during a sports experience to ease muscle fatigue and numbness, help your muscles heal and get prepared for the next workout, and lessen the chance of injury. A sports massage can help to rehabilitate and repair the damaged region of the body in cases of injuries by encouraging blood supply into said areas of the body. Not only for sports professionals, but a sports massage should also appeal to someone with fatigue or exhaustion in the body due to the regular workouts, etc. Please remember that a sports massage should not be the initial resort if you are actually in pain since sports massages are not meant to evaluate and identify problems. It would be easier to have a physiotherapy consultation if you are struggling with pain or disability, to decide if sports massage is the right way to handle it.

How can sports massage help me?

One of several biggest benefits of sports therapy is that when you work out, it will protect you from getting a strained muscle and it would also enable you perform more comfortably and prevent any of the typical training issues. Sports massage will also enhance the state of vascular system, as well as improve the functioning of the lymphatic system to help in the healing of chronic sports injuries mentioned earlier. After most sports mishaps or trauma, sports massage is always effective.

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