South African-developed organic hand sanitiser unearthed as a safer, healthier alternative

South African-developed organic hand sanitiser unearthed as a safer, healthier alternative
South African-developed organic hand sanitiser unearthed as a safer, healthier alternative

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to pivot, seeking new avenues as a means of survival. For Purifi Organic Fresh, the decision to manufacture hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants was simply the natural progression, allowing the team to harness 17 years of industry experience into the development of this 100% organic product.

“Purifi Organic Fresh has an extensive background in hygiene, originating in the agricultural sector, having provided environmentally-conscious products that promote healthcare,” explained Joshua Dennis, CEO of Purifi Organic Fresh. “When Covid-19 arrived, we noted, with some measure of alarm, the extensive use of alcohol- and chlorine-based sanitisers and disinfectants, with little alternative for consumers. We had already conducted extensive research and development in our personal hygiene and cleaning products, so with local and international certification approved, we were able to bring a safer, healthier alternative to market.”

He explained that the Purifi Organic Fresh hand sanitiser and disinfectant provides the same level of protection as a 70% alcohol-based sanitiser or disinfectant, without the harmful effects of dangerous chemicals: “Purifi Organic Fresh offers the ideal solution with our organic, alcohol-free, chemical-free, 100% natural, water-based range of hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants. The beauty of Purifi Organic Fresh is that science has collaborated with nature to create products that are safe for the entire family to use. In fact, the product actually helps where others potentially hurt.”

Despite the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, regular sanitizing and disinfecting will continue to be the norm. And while short-term use of alcohol-based products isn’t as much of a risk, Dennis said the concern is the long-term use and exposure to products containing harmful chemicals can have lasting effects.

Potential harm posed by continuous use of alcohol- or chemical-based sanitisers

· Strips away natural oils causing dry skin
· Erythema – skin inflammation, burning and infections on knuckles, fingers and palms
· Hand dermatitis and eczema
· Eye irritation
· Respiratory disease and infection
· Kills both bad and good bacteria
· Dangerous for children
· Alcohol toxicity (large amounts of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol)
· Flammable ingredients and chemicals
· Not safe for storage – fire hazard (OSHA)
· May lower immunity

Dr Francois Lategan is a qualified independent agricultural innovation advancement specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in the agricultural and natural sciences. He works in close association with The BioConsulting (Pty)Ltd, the formulators behind Purifi Organic Fresh.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the range, he said: “Purifi Organic Fresh has been developed, based on years of scientific knowledge, to kill bacteria, germs and fungi at a 99.9999% efficacy rate through a unique blend which includes flavonoids. These are naturally-occurring compounds found in fruit and vegetables that have powerful anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory agents that support the immune system. In terms of sanitizing and disinfecting, the flavonoids strip the protein off the walls of viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria and germs which stops them from replicating and spreading.”

The FDA-approved ingredients’ list of the Purifi Organic Fresh range includes citrus bioflavonoids, botanical extracts, spice extracts, vitamin C, Namibian Myrrh, and Lavender essential oils – making it, not only safe for use, but actually nourishing and moisturising for the skin as well. And, unlike the harmful effects of alcohol-based sanitisers when inhaled, Purifi Organic Fresh promotes a protective and restorative respiratory experience.

Karyn Naidoo, CCO of Purifi Organic Fresh, said that education around natural and organic personal hygiene is one of their mandates.

“With the upcoming festive season and it being considered a high-contact time, Purifi Organic Fresh is the ideal solution to spray surfaces, from tables, chairs and couches to your hands, when you are out,” she said.

“The global reality is that Covid-19 is still at large. Purifi Organic Fresh is about enabling you to carry on with your life, while protecting you and those around you.”

Benefits of Purifi Organic Fresh

· No skin or eye irritation
· Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral
· Moisturises the skin
· Does not disrupt the endocrine system by killing beneficial bacteria
· Safe for use on babies and animals
· Contains no flammable ingredients and chemicals
· Non-toxic and non-corrosive,
· Cost-effective alternative
· Highly effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms
· Active ingredients have proven to have a regenerating and restorative effect on the skin
· Remains active in the presence of organic matter and supports a healthy immune system.
· Independently certified for organic input (CERES organic)
· Environment and marine safe because it’s biodegradable

Because Purifi Organic Fresh is safe for people, animals, and food, it is an incredibly versatile product that can be used as a cleaning agent within almost every residential, commercial and industrial sector. These include:

· In the home on groceries, shoes, car interior, baby products, masks, phones, sinks and beds.
· In the workplace on surfaces such as door handles, desks, keypads, phones and printers.
· In schools for sanitising staff and pupils, desks, equipment, floors, doorknobs and benches.
. In medical facilities for sanitising surfaces, visitors, patients, staff, equipment, floors and windows.
· In the transport industry at airports and ports, and within airplanes and ships.
· In the retail and wholesale sector for customers, staff and trolleys.
· For indoor and outdoor infrastructure.
· In industrial zones and construction sites.

Purifi Organic Fresh is dedicated to improving customers’ lives through personal hygiene and protection against infectious viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi. To ensure the highest quality standards, the products are blended and bottled in an ISO 9001, SAHPRA and Intertek-accredited plant, all with a BEE Level 1 rating. Purifi Organic Fresh is available in a range of sizes, from 100ml through to 25l. In terms of large-scale application, it is safe for inhalation and doesn’t pose a fire hazard.

For more information about Purifi Organic Fresh, visit
Alternatively, contact Joshua J Dennis on 067 023 3292 or email [email protected]; or Karyn Naidoo on 081 599 2472 or email [email protected].

Purifi Organic Fresh certifications
EN1276: Anti-bacterial
EuroFins: EU Lab Tested
SANS1853: Disinfectants and antiseptics
SANS51650: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics
SANS51276: Disinfectants bactericidal efficacy
Merieux Nutrisciences Microbiologist tested: SANAS
*Halaal Certificate pending