Skin Booster Treatments; Are they Right for You?

Skin Booster Treatments; Are they Right for You?
Skin Booster Treatments; Are they Right for You? Image source: Pixabay

We’re surrounded by many things that will leave imperfections on our bodies at the drop of a hat. Thanks to technology, we also have plenty of options for reversing the anomalies. One of these brilliant options is the use of skin booster treatments, but are they right for you?

If you’ve done your due diligence about this procedure and realized all the benefits, perhaps you should just get your skin booster treatment now. By continuing to read this piece, you’re going to know a few more facts about this aesthetic treatment that nobody told you about. Let’s give it a whirl!

What is Skin Booster Treatment?

Skin booster treatment is a non-surgical procedure that’s majorly done to correct unwanted skin appearances. It is useful in rejuvenating the skin by deeply hydrating and moisturizing it to help it regain its plump natural beauty. Most people also prefer it as a straightforward way of boosting collagen production in their bodies.

How is Skin Booster Treatment Done?

Depending on your goals or preferences, your dermatologist may use skin booster treatment on its own or use it with other filler treatments in your treatment program to give you a younger, fresher and more natural look. For this procedure, the doctor will begin by injecting a local anesthetic in the specific areas to treat.

They will then use a needle to carve out an entry point for a cannula that will be used to inject the hydrating gel beneath your skin. The cannula is preferred since it helps limit the possible discomfort and bruising on the injection area. After injection, the gel is equally distributed under your skin to hydrate and plump it.

Are Skin Booster Treatments Painful?

Like any procedure that may involve piercing your skin, you may feel minimal discomfort during the procedure though the pain will be minimal since the doctor will also use anesthesia. However, if you’re on any medication or dealing with an underlying medical condition, be sure to let your doctor know this in advance. This procedure may not be right for patients who are actively on certain medications or have some history of an underlying health problem.

How Long Does Skin Boosters Last?

There isn’t a universally agreed period that skin booster treatments should last. However, they usually last around 12 months for most people who get this treatment. The period that your boosters will last will primarily be influenced by how your body responds to the treatments and, most importantly, the area of treatment.

Is Skin Booster Treatment Safe?

Skin boosters are 100% safe for the right patients. However, your doctor will have to do a little due diligence about you before approving you for the procedure. 

The process is akin to any approved aesthetic procedure; you’ll need to book a consultation with the clinician where they will ask a couple of questions that you must answer accurately. Most of the questions will be based on your medical history.

The focus here is to avert possible risks that may complicate the procedure or create any complications after the procedure. A few people report little side effects after getting the treatment, though very rarely. Possible complications may include;

  • Redness that may be accompanied by scarring on the point of injection.
  • Bruising on the point of injection.

Is it Possible to Get these Treatments When Pregnant?

This treatment is generally not recommended for pregnant women, and chances are high your aesthetic doctor will advise you to come back for the treatment later on after giving birth. Most of the elements used during this procedure, are yet to be tested for breastfeeding and pregnant women, so your dermatologist may advise against the treatment for the time being to avoid any complications.

Where Can I Get Skin Booster Treatments in Singapore?

There are plenty of good doctors in Singapore, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that you may also bump into unqualified or unlicensed clinicians who may fail to administer this treatment effectively. To avoid possible complications like this, here are three critical factors you will need to give more weight to when looking for the right facility.

  • Qualified practitioners. Take it upon yourself to determine that the clinic has only qualified practitioners who’ll be assigned to administer the treatments. Importantly, you may need to go the extra mile and do a quick search on licensed aesthetic treatment specialists’ registers to ascertain that the practitioners are indeed qualified.
  • During the consultation, be sure also to review the hygiene levels in the facility. You don’t want a situation where the clinicians use faulty or contaminated needles and cannulas etc. when administering these treatments. Check to ensure that the facility is spotlessly clean. 
  • Finally, it would also be better if you insisted that you only work with someone who will be administering the skin booster treatment on your consultation. Feel free to ask for relevant training certificates and insurance certificates so you can personally confirm that the practitioner is qualified for the procedure and that they have the right insurance for the treatment.

Bottom Line

Skin booster treatment is a trendy aesthetic procedure. Even though the results are exceptional from what we have all seen, it still demands responsibility for clients and practitioners. If you’re ready for one, book a consultation now and get all your questions answered.