offugo reading glasses by David Green Eyewear

offugo reading glasses by David Green Eyewear
offUgo reading glasses by David Green Eyewear -Christie MR

As technology advances, we all continue to use blue-light emitting screens indiscriminately, knowing that it may be affecting our eye-health and sleep… The good news is, with offugo Blue Block readers by David Green Eyewear, you can now use your phone, computer, tablet, and TV with confidence.

offugo reading glasses, designed in Cape Town, have been developed to selectively block this blue light source, which can cause eye fatigue and strain. Plus, you’ll look stylish while receiving relief and comfort. They even have a lens for people with 20-20 vision. Choose from a variety of colours and four designs, to suit any face: half, oval, rectangle and round, with a petite model for smaller faces.

offugo Blue Block optometric quality designer reading glasses from David Green Eyewear are made with optical standard hinges and rubberized finish for superior comfort and come in a nifty zipper case. Want to see what they look like on you? For more information, visit and use the offugo state-of-the-art technology to ‘click and see yourself’.

Pro Tip: practice the 20/20/20 rule when using digital devices: every 20 minutes, focus on something 20 feet (about 6 m) away for 20 seconds and daydream for a moment.

Available from leading optometrists. Retail price from R459.