Myth-Busting – Red Light Therapy is Your Real MVP

Myth-Busting – Red Light Therapy is Your Real MVP
Red Light Therapy

It’s December, and most of us are already in the holiday mood. But, after the festivities, reality sets in, and we go through a period of reflection and change. New year’s resolutions are thrown around, and they’re usually associated with living a healthier, more productive life. One way to get back on track is to consider adding red light therapy to your daily health and beauty routine.

“If you don’t know what red light therapy is, now is the time to get on board, as the benefits are endless,” says Steven McEwen from Red Lab, the country’s first exclusive red light therapy studio. That said, many people are still unaware that this sort of treatment exists, and myths abound over what exactly red light therapy is and how it can help you.”

“We’re excited to bust some myths and educate the public on the wonders of this innovative treatment.”

Myth 1 – All light therapy is the same

“This could not be further from the truth,” says Steven. “There are many different forms of light therapy, including red, blue and green light therapy devices. Red light therapy is specifically designed to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and acne and is also successful at rejuvenating the skin, boosting collagen production and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.”

Myth 2 – Red light therapy works like a tanning bed

Steven insists that while the machines used for red light therapy could resemble tanning beds, that’s where the similarity ends. “For starters, red light therapy uses red and infrared light, unlike tanning beds, which make use of ultraviolet rays. Also, tanning beds have one application, while red light therapy can be used for multiple conditions, including wound healing, joint pain and chronic pain treatment.”

Myth 3 – Red light therapy burns the skin

“Another common misconception is that red light therapy uses heat that can burn the skin,” continues Steven. “While this therapy does emit a red glow, which most people associate with heat, it is designed to dissipate heat, creating a beam of light that doesn’t burn the skin in any way. Red light therapy is completely safe and will improve the skin, not harm it.”

Myth 4 – Collagen has to be ingested in order to stimulate production

“One of the biggest beauty myths about collagen levels is that you can apply it directly on the skin,” adds Steven. “Many believe that body creams, lotions, ointments and moisturisers can boost collagen levels, but in truth, most of those products are a waste of money. Another myth is that collagen can be added to your morning cup of coffee with the help of a supplement, but studies have found that caffeine actually has a negative effect on the ageing process.”

“The positive effects of red light therapy on our skin are widely studied with resoundingly positive results,” he continues. “The results indicate that its primary benefit is its ability to stimulate collagen production to create softer, fuller, smoother, and more elastic skin. Red light therapy is a great way to tighten your skin, treat skin conditions, and promote overall health and vitality. But for optimal results, make sure to include red and possibly near-infrared light in your normal skincare therapy routine.”

Myth 5 – You need to spend many hours in-studio to enjoy the benefits of red light therapy

Adds Steven, “With Red Lab, you don’t have to worry about going into the studio to get your regular red light therapy treatment. Our at-home devices, which can be purchased online, are designed to fit into your daily life for fast and effective results in as little as 20 minutes a day. The Red Lab Big Bank is perfect for daily full body and mind benefits, while the portable Flex Pad can be quickly strapped on to provide pain relief anytime, anywhere.”

“Finally, our Handheld Unit offers red light, near-infrared light and blue light, which is great for acne. This is the ideal entry-level device for those looking for a cost-effective solution with broad-spectrum results including anti-ageing, acne treatment, scar and wound healing, and the treatment of muscle spasms or injury. Whether it’s a Christmas gift or a present for the new year, our at-home devices are the perfect addition to your health and beauty regimen,” he concludes.

Visit Red Lab online to purchase the red light therapy at-home devices.