Ladies, maintain your active lifestyle effortlessly

Ladies, maintain your active lifestyle effortlessly
Ladies, maintain your active lifestyle effortlessly

What better way to maintain your health than by adding an organic supplement to your diet? 

2023 Kicked off with a bang!  There is a hustle and bustle wherever we look. From balancing demanding work commitments, running a household, school activities and piles of homework to finding time to fulfil your own daily health and wellness requirements. We all need a little boost now and then and being able to maintain our wellness and a busy lifestyle is a key priority. APL GO has your back!

The next time you need a little boost and don’t know where to turn, why not consider PWR Apricot lozenges? These all-natural apricot flavoured drops are an effortless, quick and healthy option as an add-on to your lifestyle, benefitting your mood during stressful times as well as your active lifestyle when you have 20 balls in the air.

Known as the world’s first DNA sweet, the PWR Apricot is a rejuvenating combination of botanicals that helps maintain and revive a woman’s already normal overall nutritional health, maintain balance and supports equilibrium. Made with Damiana (leaf), Asparagus (root), Ginkgo (leaf), Ashwagandha (root),Ginger (root) and Apricot, the natural rich taste of apricot in itself is enough to delight one’s disposition as the lozenge drops dissolve in the mouth. By keeping your body fuelled the right way and maintaining your active lifestyle your body will recover quicker when work, school activities or homelife gets a little stressful.

Great supplement for an active lifestyle

APL Go’s lozenges and food supplements are perfect to pair with any type of diet or exercise routine. Passionately made to provide maximum benefits for the body’s immune system, the lozenges are designed to boost natural immune responses, vitality, stamina and strength, digestive processes, natural mental calmness and relaxation, and easy breathing, among others. The  products are vegan friendly, halal,  kosher and 100% organic .


In combination these rejuvenating botanicals and precursors create a synergy that assists in maintaining the correct balance of hormones in the female body.

PWR Apricot is an invigorating blend of wholefood botanicals containing:

Apricot, Ashwagandha Root, Asparagus Root, Damiana Leaf, Ginger Root and Gingko Leaf.

Benefits and Features of PWR Apricot

  • Vitality levels for an active women’s lifestyle
  • Physical wellbeing during normal aging
  • Mood balance during occasional stress
  • Diet and physical activity

The PWR Apricot products are available from selected resellers and online on 

About APL GO

APL GO specializes in health, wellness and beauty products powered by our Acumullit SA technology. The company strives to help people achieve their health and wellness goals as they live their lives on-the-go through our products made from wholefoods

APL GO lozenges are backed by certificates and declarations of conformity and comply with all European certificates since they are produced in Europe. Additionally the products are both Halal and Kosher certified and our manufacturer is compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications.

Whether you’re on a Mediterranean or DASH diet – there’s a suitable APL GO drop for you to help maintain your health and wellness on the go. From supporting your natural body’s vitality, alertness, stamina and strength, digestive processes & mental stress, APL GO has a drop for you. Learn more and find the perfect drops for you by visiting us on