Laager Rooibos and dietician Mbali Mapholi create Heart Health Calendar to help South Africans this Heart Awareness Month

Laager Rooibos and dietician Mbali Mapholi create Heart Health Calendar to help South Africans this Heart Awareness Month
Mbali Mapholi

South Africans are facing a great deal of adversity at the moment, not least of all the third wave of Covid-19 infections. Creating new routines when dealing with ongoing stress seems almost impossible, however, adopting healthy habits to keep physically and mentally strong is more important now than ever.

To assist South Africans in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle this Heart Awareness Month, Laager Rooibos, together with partner and respected dietician, Mbali Mapholi, have created an easy-to-follow Laager Rooibos Heart Health Calendar. Through achievable daily goals, this calendar will help South Africans to create heart-healthy habits that will benefit them through the pandemic and beyond.

“They say it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change, but this can seem quite daunting right now,” noted Candice Sessions, Laager Rooibos Marketing Manager. “We understand the incredible hardships South Africans are already facing, but heart disease and strokes remain some of the biggest threats to our health.”

Against this backdrop, Laager Rooibos and partner dietician Mbali Mapholi, came up with an innovative solution that would make it easy for everyday South Africans to take care of their heart-health while improving their overall wellbeing this Heart Awareness Month.

“Promoting heart health is something that Laager Rooibos is committed to, which is why we’re encouraging as many people as possible to follow the Laager Rooibos Heart Health Calendar,” continued Sessions. “These daily heart-healthy acts will soon become habits. And really, the right time to take heart health seriously is now.”

Mbali Mapholi said, in the fight against heart-related diseases, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons: “It can seem overwhelming with all these healthy habits you might need to consider, but it’s not as hard as you may think! Start small and start today, and your heart will thank you immensely. This calendar will help you adopt practical day-to-day heart-healthy habits that will hopefully remain long-term.”

In South Africa, heart disease and strokes have the highest mortality rate after tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/Aids. In fact, one in every five deaths in South Africa are caused by cardio-vascular disease (CVD). Laager Rooibos is the only Rooibos brand that carries the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) Heart Mark, which identifies heart healthy products.

Heart Awareness Month is an initiative created by the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA). Prof Pamela Naidoo, the CEO of HSFSA, explained the urgent need to adopt healthier heart habits: “CVD, including heart disease, remains a public health challenge given that CVD remains the highest burden of all the non-communicable diseases. Covid-19 has also exposed the vulnerability of individuals who test positive and have co-existing hypertension or high body mass index, as they are more likely to suffer from CVD.”

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