Is Vaping Better than Smoking?

Is Vaping Better than Smoking?
Is Vaping Better than Smoking? Image source: Pixabay

The question of whether vaping is better than smoking has been on everyone’s mind. That is perhaps because we all know the impact of tobacco on our respiratory and cardiovascular body functions. But then, no research has tangibly linked vaping to such side effects.

According to the American Heart Association, many young people are now turning to vape as it is now considered a healthier alternative. This article will unearth the truth about vaping vs smoking and why you should consider vaping instead of smoking.

Vaping is better for blood vessel health.

One way to improve blood vessel health and reduce heart diseases is switching from smoking to vaping. According to The Guardian, researchers have found out that vaping enhances blood vessel health within a month. As such, vaping is now considered a tool to help people quit smoking.

The research also states that vaping is 95% better than smoking for people who are quitting smoking. Therefore, it is less damaging to the blood vessels when compared to smoking. Experts say that it could help save the over 250 lives smoking takes daily in the UK.

Nicotine is less harmful.

Another benefit of vaping is that you get exposed to nicotine and less to smoke. Although nicotine has its side effects, we all know that its immediate impact on the human body is addiction. Otherwise, it doesn’t cause any other effects that could be detrimental.

Vaping doesn’t’ expose you to smoke. Experts have found out that the smoke in cigarettes causes most side effects, but then, vaping does away with it. Therefore, switching from smoking to vaping can be great for your health.

Vaping is less harmful to bystanders.

We all know how smoking can affect the people around us. That is why governments and other institutions set aside smoking zones for smokers. The impact of tobacco on bystanders can be as much as on the smokers themselves. Therefore, they get exposed to the same risks and long-term effects.

Vaping, on the other hand, doesn’t have any effect on bystanders. Unlike cigarettes, there’s no vapor released to the environment, and that reduces risks of passive vaping on bystanders. It is, therefore, considered an environmentally safe alternative. It is necessary to use the best vape devices for environmental safety.

No smoky odors from vaping

If you ever spoke to a smoker, you must have felt the unpleasant odor from their mouths. Besides, smelling the fingers of a smoker can tell you how smelly they can get after smoking. The unpleasant odor makes it uncomfortable to speak with or be around other people.

Vaping is one way to do away with this problem as there is no smoke produced. The fingers and mouth will remain in the same state even after you’ve finished vaping. It makes it easy to be around other people and talk to anyone without any problems.

Vaping is better on the lungs.

It is good to be as gentle as possible on your lungs, and smoking does not help you do it. Smoking causes the mucus cells to grow big, making it difficult to clean the airwaves and lungs, making the smoker cough severely. It leads to faster aging of the lungs and reduces defense against diseases.

Vaping, on the other hand, does not involve heat production. The vapor produced during the process is cooler and does not affect the lungs in any way. That keeps the lungs healthy and reduces the health risks relating to poor respiratory health.

Vaping gives users a variety of flavors.

Another benefit of vaping is that you get to enjoy different flavors. Unlike smoking, you can take what suits your taste and preferences. Besides, you can also choose to mix various flavors to develop something unique and more enjoyable.

Conversely, smokers do not have many options or choices. They only have various tobacco to enjoy but no particular flavors and tastes. If you love having Apple, chocolate strawberry, menthol, caramel, etc., vaping is the best option.

There’s less exposure to chemicals when vaping.

Experts will tell you that smoking exposes you to more chemicals than vaping. According to researchers, over 24 chemicals that your body gets exposed to in the act of smoking. Further research has also linked these chemicals to various cancers.

On the other hand, vaping does not expose you to any chemicals. Vape juice usually contains nicotine and flavorings that are food grade and therefore approved for human use. There are fewer chances of complications due to fewer chemicals when vaping.


As you can see, there are lots of benefits that you can get by vaping. The less you get exposed to smoke, the better your body functions. Besides, research says that you can successfully quit smoking by considering vaping as an alternative. Therefore, we can say that – YES, vaping is better than smoking.


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