Fedhealth’s affordable new offering caters for the young, healthy and digitally savvy

Fedhealth’s affordable new offering caters for the young, healthy and digitally savvy
Fedhealth’s affordable new offering caters for the young, healthy and digitally savvy

With annual inflation reaching a 13-year high in July 2022 (7.8%), budgeting for essential monthly expenses like groceries, transport and healthcare has become increasingly difficult – especially for younger people. Our country has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, which has worsened since the pandemic, with 4.8 million young South Africans now unemployed (up by 2% from last quarter).

Fedhealth’s brand new medical aid product, flexiFEDSavvy, aims to address these issues by offering a highly affordable, digitally enabled hospital plan specifically aimed at the young and healthy, without compromising on quality. Looking for a knee or hip replacement? You’re in the wrong place. flexiFEDSavvy is smart medical aid for young South Africans who are savvy about their health, money and time, starting at only R945pm for principal members and their dependants and R709pm for child dependants. And yes, this is a fully fledged medical aid option, not health insurance.

In addition to being a hospital plan with unlimited virtual GP visits and three face-to-face consults (paid from Risk), flexiFEDSavvy can also be used as a supercharged savings plan, with four options to choose from to fund day-to-day benefits.

For example, members can choose to pay a little extra each month to create their own medical savings plan, or they can take out Sanlam Primary Care insurance cover for an extra R423pm to cover day-to-day expenses. This means that as a flexiFEDSavvy member, trips to the GP, over-the-counter medication or physiotherapy after a gym session gone wrong can also be covered.


Who does flexiFEDSavvy suit?

  • First time medical aid members just starting their first jobs who are on tight budgets but still want high quality private medical aid.
  • Young people craving personalisation, customisation and affordability – those wanting something different from the medical aid than their elders or parents were used to.
  • Digital natives who are used to running their lives online. flexiFEDSavvy is fulfilled entirely through digital self-service platforms – with no paperwork or boring call centres. Whether it’s doing a workout, arranging a date, or ordering groceries, now this generation can manage their healthcare digitally too.
  • Companies that employ junior staff will find this plan ideal for those just entering the workplace, as they can reduce monthly employee expenses while still ensuring a healthy and productive workforce.


What are the benefits?

Here are just some of the benefits flexiFEDSavvy members get as part of this plan:

  • Unlimited private hospitalisation at an extensive hospital network up to PMB level of care.
  • Unlimited cover with network specialists and GPs in-hospital.
  • 7 days’ supply take home medication after being discharged from hospital.
  • 30-day post hospitalisation benefit which provides unlimited cover from the hospital benefit for follow-up care after discharge for physiotherapy, basic radiology/pathology and occupational therapy related to the reason for admission.
  • GP consultations consisting of three face-to-face consults at a network GP and unlimited virtual GP consultations.
  • Unlimited trauma treatment in a casualty ward.
  • Various screening and preventative benefits.
  • Virtual mental wellness support.
  • A female contraceptive benefit.
  • The MediTaxi benefit and a 24-hour toll-free Nurse Line for expert advice.

Because life can change at the blink of an eye, Fedhealth members are also allowed to switch to a higher option within 30 days of a life-changing event or diagnosis, such as pregnancy or a serious illness.

flexiFEDSavvy is the shake-up the medical aid market needs, providing affordable healthcare to young people looking for customisation and convenience, but who also  don’t want to compromise on quality.