FAR UVC AFRICA launches with pathogen-safe events

FAR UVC AFRICA launches with pathogen-safe events
FAR UVC AFRICA launches with pathogen-safe events

FAR UVC AFRICA Launch A Success

FAR UVC AFRICA has recently formalised their launch in South Africa with two media and distributor events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the first COVID-19 pathogen-safe events in the country. The launches showcased a number of the products from the company’s range, and guests were able to view and engage with the units, demonstrating first-hand how the far-UVC light sanitising technology and units worked – such as the hand sanitising unit and the gateway unit which disinfects the whole body within eight seconds.

One of the expert speakers, Doctor Kgosi Letlape, who is the Executive Director of Tshepang Trust and President of the African Medical Association, was able to shed some truth to our reality and light about the success in this technology. He mentions the key issue that has been associated with the spread of infections, even from Greek times, was hygiene. He confirms by saying, “It’s a long known phenomenon that no matter what happens, it is important to keep your environment clean.” He followed with, “UVC technology has been used extensively for many years, however, tragedy has inspired people to come up with more discoveries. They’ve now been able to bring us to a wavelength of ultra-violet light that will be able to do the job of sufficient disinfecting without harming humans.”

Conrad KullmannManaging Director at FAR UVC AFRICA mentions how one of the biggest issues around such airborne diseases concerns indoors, not outdoors. He discusses how the UK are looking into improving quality of safety and sanitation within the indoor spectrum and with the hopes that far-UVC is the next best approach. His presentation demonstrates back to the 2017 discussion hosted by Dr David BrennerDirector for Radiological Research at Columbia University, who in fact developed far-UVC light technology, and highlighting how we as humans are dealing with a war on superbugs and infections.

Although quite controversial, recent published scientific research has shown how far-UVC sanitising light technology has the ability to kill all coronaviruses, H1N1, influenza, bacteria, SARS etc, and is starting to be rolled out via global distribution to high-traffic areas such as retail outlets, office buildings and even the US Department of Defense – Air Wing. Japan though, is currently the leading country for far-UVC installations.

Dr Letlape described this type of innovation as “game-changing”. The idea is to stay ahead of what we are fighting against now and in the future, while ensuring people feel safe in any occupied space. The narrow (222nm) wavelength far-UVC light has shown no risk when people are exposed to the chemical free ultra-violet. It also works well in conjunction with other standard safety sanitising methods when it comes to disinfecting. Far-UVC is safeguarding the future and it is perfectly safe for every space that needs the extra support.

Kullmann had the following to say after a much anticipated event, “We were very excited as this was the result of a year’s research and development, and passion in developing this life changing product. Both our launches in Cape Town and Johannesburg solidified our belief, energy and dedication to bring this product to the public. All that experienced this human safe far-UVC technology were truly amazed. Their comments to our team have only added fuel to our drive to roll these far-UVC products out to the masses. Welcome to the future of sanitation and a healthier life for all.”

Far-UVC is all about improving quality of life and providing good quality of life for as long as possible.