Dr. Israel Figa Talks about Why Helping Third World Countries Battle HIV Is Crucial

Dr. Israel Figa Talks about Why Helping Third World Countries Battle HIV Is Crucial

The world is currently concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus everywhere. You have the biggest and strongest nations of the world completely failing to perform against the spread of the virus. It is alarming that nations with such strong healthcare systems have completely kneeled down in front of the virus with thousands of new infections emerging every single day. However, one cannot forget that in the backdrop of this chaos, there are other conditions that are wreaking havoc on humanity, and HIV is one of them. This disease is deadly, and when you count the number of people the illnesses have killed, HIV is much worse than COVID-19.

Today, you will learn about the reasons why strong and developed countries of the world should be helping other developing countries in their fight against HIV. Furthermore, you will know about the views of Dr. Israel Figa about this condition and the help that third world countries need in fighting this deadly virus. While the Coronavirus spreads pretty fast, you can say the same for HIV as well. If you don’t know already, HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and you guessed it right, it is yet another virus that has proven to be extremely deadly to humans in the past.

Let’s dive into the reasons why helping third world countries fight this battle is extremely important.

The Developed Countries Have the Resources

Dr. Israel Figa says that it is no secret that the developed nations of the world have all the resources that are needed to help a patient with this condition. It may seem to you that HIV is not curable, but that would be wrong to some extent. Yes, you cannot get rid of this virus completely, but you can definitely live a healthy life while having this virus running in your system. The developed countries of the world have all the medicines and therapies that can help you live a happy life despite having this condition. The healthcare systems in developed countries are great to fight this condition.

With this situation at hand, you can clearly tell that a developed country is always in the position to help another smaller and less developed country in its fight with the virus. One cannot ignore the fact that not all the patients who have HIV die of this condition. In many cases, the condition of the patient gets worse because he/she is not able to get the medical care that they need. In this condition, any illness can get worse. If you talk about the Coronavirus, you have many people dying not of the condition but because of the lack of hospital beds and medical help which is being consumed by other patients with serious conditions.

As a human, you help another human with something that you can help with. Of course, how can you help someone with something that you don’t have? If you know how to paint a wall, you can help someone who is struggling with the task because you know how to paint the wall. In the same way, large and developed countries know everything about the condition and they have all the medical facilities in place to fight this condition. These countries can always help smaller and less developed countries fight the battle against one of the deadliest conditions of the world.

To Prevent the Spread

If you look at the current pandemic condition in the world, you can already predict a lot of things. The first thing that you can say safely is that when countries don’t take care of a condition at the right time, it spreads around the world and causes irreparable damage. You can see that the coronavirus might not have the highest death count or rate in the world when you compare it to other deadly pandemics that have walked the earth in the past. However, it spread like wildfire around the world because China was not able to inform the world about the outbreak on time.

In addition to that, you have smaller countries with their economies on the edge at all times. When you ask them to go in a lockdown situation, they are not willing to do it because they know their economies will completely collapse because of the lockdown. They continue to go about their businesses regularly and spread the disease as a result. So, if you are letting a third world country live with a virus that spreads fast, you can be sure that the virus will come into your country pretty soon as well. That’s exactly what happened to the US when it did not take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously in the beginning.

So, when you help countries with limited resources fight the disease, you are also making sure that the people from this country are traveling to other countries only when they are physically fit. The third world countries usually do not have very strict security measures on their airports and stations. So, you can be sure that some infected person will pass through the security protocols and enter another country and cause trouble to the people of that country.

To Spread Knowledge

You can’t completely blame small countries and those that are still developing for the spread of the condition. Since the education system in these countries is not that strong, you can’t expect people to know about various conditions. You might know about HIV a lot if you live in the US, but the knowledge about the same condition will not be the same if you go to an African country. They might not know about the condition as much as you do because there are no dedicated teams, educational systems, etc. to help people know about these matters on time.

When you talk to the people of these countries about pandemic and deadly diseases, they don’t understand a lot. Developed countries, on the other hand, can greatly help under-developed countries in knowing about the condition. The education about an illness and disease should start from the school level. That’s what developed countries should do to help small countries. They should help spread awareness about the condition in the schools of the small countries. This way, the disease can be stopped from spreading and the small countries can be helped with something that they really need.

To Make the World a Better and Safe Place

Dr. Israel Figa is extremely serious about this particular point. He thinks that countries have to take responsibility of the planet that they are on. They should care about the safety and friendliness of the planet that they are living on. When you think about pollution and recycling, you are giving proof that you care about the planet and want to make it better. However, you cannot limit your thoughts and care to your home only. If you worry about making your home better, cleaner, and more pollution free, you should think the same way about your country, and eventually your planet Earth.

Dr. Israel Figa thinks that most developed countries have completely forgotten their responsibility of making the world a better place. You don’t want to live in a place where people are dying of a condition that they don’t know much about. When you have the resources, you have to help them with everything they need from awareness about the condition to the medical help and care that they need. Now, everyone who lives on earth should take the responsibility of making this planet a better and safer place. However, there are some entities who have more power in their hands of doing that.

So, when you think about developed countries, they have the resources, machinery, systems, and education to help the planet become a better place. They should become the example that smaller countries need to become better nations.

To Stop an Outbreak

There is no doubt about the fact that small and under-developed countries do not have the right resources to detect a particular condition. You have to know that HIV is a very deadly yet silent virus. There are no specific symptoms that you are going to experience when you have this virus in your body. In that case, you can be sure that you will not get the help that you deserve if you are living in a small and under-developed country of the world. In other words, the smaller country will not be able to identify that what it is dealing with is a very deadly virus at hand.

This stops these small countries from stopping the outbreaks of a condition in their cities and states. The same condition goes undetected when these people go from their country of origin to another country. This is how the infection starts to spread around the world. Since developed countries have the resources to know the condition and identify it in a person, it can always help a small country identify the condition before it becomes an outbreak. Remember that COVID-19 was only an outbreak at one point. Even a country as big as China could not identify he condition on time and let the outbreak spread in other parts of the world.

So, if a developed country like China cannot identify a virus as serious as the Coronavirus, you cannot expect any better from a country that does not have the best healthcare system in the world and the best hospitals. The large countries and nations of the world should take responsibility here and provide small countries with all the resources they need to identify the condition and start working on making things better as soon as possible.

To Avoid an Apocalypse

You see, the world is at the edge of many things these days. If you have not already researched, here is something that will make you think. In a few years to come, all the antibiotics that you take for various conditions will stop working. The bacteria these antibiotics are designed for are slowly become resistant to these medicines. Soon in the future, you will see a time when these medicines will not be affecting the bacteria in any way. In other words, all your medicines will become obsolete and need renewal of technology to fight with the newer and stronger bacteria that is resistant to most of the prevalent medicines.

In that scenario, the world will already become vulnerable to many health conditions. People’s immune systems will be weak and they will be more prone to falling ill than ever. In that condition, a virus like HIV can completely destroy everything for humanity. It can wreak havoc on the lives of people who have already some serious medical conditions. Of course, since the medicines are slowly losing their effectiveness, you can be sure that some challenging times are ahead and you have to prepare to tackle them as soon as possible.

Now, you can say that the condition might not worsen in developed countries that fast. Due to the use of the latest medicines, the immune systems of people living in the developed countries have already become quite strong. At the same time, these people get the best and perfect living conditions in these countries. On the other hand, when you talk about third world countries, larger populations in these countries are deprived of drinking pure drinking water. At the same time, their food intake is not enough to keep their immune systems strong. If the medicines are about to become ineffective, you can say that an apocalypse is in the making as virus like HIV are already hurting them a lot.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Israel Figa has definitely talked about some really important points. He has brought the attention of the people towards the issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. He believes things can get better on our planet if we take care of the most crucial elements as soon as possible. While third world countries focus on bring their economies on track, the large and developed nations should focus on helping these countries fight diseases like HIV.

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