Crown Relocations South Africa Joins the Fight Against Period Poverty by Supporting #GirlDontSkipADay Initiative

Crown Relocations South Africa Joins the Fight Against Period Poverty by Supporting #GirlDontSkipADay Initiative
Crown Relocations South Africa Joins the Fight Against Period Poverty by Supporting #GirlDontSkipADay Initiative

Johannesburg, July 2024 – Leading global relocations company, Crown Relocations South Africa, has taken a crucial step towards ensuring that no girl child is unable to attend school due to a lack of menstrual hygiene products. Through their Crown Africa Coronets Group, they have donated 230 sanitary pads to the Foundation for Special Needs Children & Youth Development (FSNC&YD) programme in Ext. 10 Alexandra as part of the #GirlDontSkipADay initiative, a program dedicated to providing sanitary products to young girls and addressing the critical issue of period poverty.

Empowering Girls: A Step Towards Educational Equality

Period poverty, the inability to afford or access adequate menstrual hygiene products, affects millions of girls worldwide. According to the South African Journal of Child Health, in South Africa, seven million girls are reported to be absent from school each month due to lack of sanitary pads, which results in them missing 25% of learning during the school year. This lack leads to lost educational opportunities, and long-term impacts on their futures. #GirlDontSkipADay directly addresses this issue by ensuring that girls have the necessary supplies to attend school every day of the month.

By providing sanitary pads to young girls, this initiative helps break down barriers that prevent them from participating fully in their education. The 230 sanitary pads donated by Crown Relocations South Africa will enable many girls to attend school without the fear of missing out due to their periods.

Transforming Lives, One Pad at a Time

The impact of this donation extends far beyond the physical product. For the girls receiving these sanitary pads, it means reclaiming their education and dignity. It represents an opportunity to stay engaged in their studies, build self-esteem, and pursue their dreams without interruption. Each pad donated is a powerful tool in combating the stigma and barriers associated with menstruation.

“Receiving these sanitary pads means I don’t have to worry about staying home during my period. I can go to school and learn just like everyone else,” said a student benefitting from the initiative.

Community and Corporate Support Making a Difference

Crown Relocations South Africa’s contribution to this initiative through the Crown Africa Coronets Group exemplifies the power of community and corporate collaboration in addressing societal issues. The Crown Africa Coronets Group, formed in 2023, is dedicated to fostering positive community impacts and empowering children and women. This donation underscores their commitment to supporting local communities and advancing educational equality.

Crown Relocations South Africa, part of the Crown Worldwide Group, is committed to contributing positively to the communities we serve and operate in. Our support of initiatives like #GirlDontSkipADay is driven by the need for societal, political, and community growth,” commented Ian Pettey, Managing Director of Crown Relocations South Africa.