Could Near-Infrared & Red Light Therapy be the answer to muscle fatigue & pain relief?

Could Near-Infrared & Red Light Therapy be the answer to muscle fatigue & pain relief?
Near-Infrared & Red Light Therapy

It might be a trend we’re still in the dark on, but light therapy has been used in various forms since the 1800s, mostly for its therapeutic effects on fungal infections, eczema, sleep disorders, psoriasis and emotional well-being. Fast forward to the present day, light therapy and its benefits have become an accepted science. In fact in the 90’s NASA popularised the use of Red Light Therapy for increasing bone density, wound healing and a variety of other benefits for its astronauts. Red Light Therapy is fast becoming the holy grail in health and wellness communities with even celebrities like the Kardashians jumping on board to treat everything from acne to muscle fatigue. The best part is that no chemicals are used, there is no downtime and it’s completely non-invasive.

According to statistics,  1 in 5 South African adults suffer from chronic pain while many of us still battle various skin issues well past puberty, both of which significantly impacts self-confidence and our quality of life. And then there’s muscle fatigue, which no doubt affects hard-working athletes competing in gruelling events like the recent Cycle Tour and the upcoming Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, the Absa Cape Epic and Discovery’s Ride Joburg.

But now, there’s a red light at the end of the tunnel for South Africans wanting to harness the benefits of Red Light Therapy. Red Lab, the first Red Light Studio in South Africa, is making this groundbreaking technology available to the masses – with a studio based in Claremont, Cape Town for on-site treatments, as well as retailing a range of portable devices for at-home use.

Both the in-studio devices and the at-home devices combine Red and Near Infrared Light. The Red Light targets the outer layer of the dermis, improving skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing scarring, and managing skin conditions, among others. The Near-Infrared Light penetrates deeper into the body, healing and recharging the body’s cells at a muscular and bone level, which aids chronic pain, muscle tears, bone breaks and the likes. Combining the two components makes for a dynamic duo in combating deep-rooted illness and superficial issues alike.

Red Light Therapy from home

Red Lab Co-founder Steven McEwen is excited to bring this unique therapy to South Africa. In addition to bringing Near-Infrared and Red Light Therapy to the country, Red Lab is offering families and athletes the chance to own and apply these therapies from the comfort of their homes, on their own terms. “We have recently launched  three home-based devices, which can be ordered from our website,” he says. “The first is the Handheld Device, which is best for spot treatment and can be used daily. It’s also easy to charge, so you can take it anywhere with you. It has the added benefit of a blue light setting, which is great for acne treatment.”

The Neoprene Pads are equally portable and easy to use. “The pads target a larger surface area and are perfect for addressing muscle groups instead of individual areas. With various sporting events and races coming up, this is the perfect way to relieve any post-race muscle fatigue and pain,” adds McEwen.

Finally, the Big Bank targets the whole body, providing the full benefits of the Near-Infrared and Red Light Therapy. He adds, “While less portable than the other devices, less treatment time is needed due to the surface coverage and power of the lights.”

Thanks to Near-Infrared and Red Light Therapy, we can now enhance our health regime from the comfort of our own homes. “Whether for chronic pain, skin conditions, chronic illnesses, muscle pain and fatigue, or just part of your wellness routine, Red Light Therapy is the answer we’ve all been looking for,” he concludes.

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