COACH NAZ LAUNCHES GROUNDBREAKING ‘BREAK-FREE’ PROGRAMME transforming lives through addiction mindset recovery coaching

COACH NAZ LAUNCHES GROUNDBREAKING ‘BREAK-FREE’ PROGRAMME transforming lives through addiction mindset recovery coaching
Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Coach, Nazley

Many individuals grapple with the heavy burden of addiction in silence, a struggle that often remains hidden from the people around them. The silence surrounding addiction intensifies its impact, creating a lonely and isolating experience for those affected. The internal turmoil, shame, and fear of judgment contribute to a cycle of suffering that is not only physical but deeply affects mental and emotional well-being. Breaking free from the silence is a crucial step toward healing, as it opens the door to understanding, empathy, and the support needed to overcome the challenges of addiction.


Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Coach, Nazley, better known as Coach Naz, has unveiled a groundbreaking programme aimed at breaking the chains of addiction and fostering mental health recovery. Growing up in Manenberg – Cape Town, Coach Naz witnessed the devastating impact of drugs and alcohol on individuals and communities, propelling her towards a mission of healing and mental health education.


Coach Naz’s personal journey through a traumatic childhood and subsequent triumph over addiction led her to develop the recovery mindset coaching programme, Break-Free. Born out of her recovery, this innovative programme has not only transformed her life but has also empowered others to break free from the grip of addiction. With a firm belief that the battle against addiction is rooted in the mind, Coach Naz emphasises the importance of renewing one’s mindset to achieve lasting freedom.


Break-Free is designed to address the addicted brain, reframing its relationship to substance abuse. Through a fail-proof approach, Coach Naz aims to empower individuals to regain control of their lives and overcome addiction. The programme extends its support to the loved ones of those struggling with addiction, recognising them as victims of this pervasive issue.


In addition to her work in addiction recovery, Coach Naz has a decade-long track record as a life coach and counselor, contributing significantly to youth development and women empowerment. Her impact has reached schools such as Diepsloot Combined School and Acts House of Education. She initiated the ‘SA Youth Academy,’ offering online coaching in personal development & and life skills. Coach Naz has been a featured speaker at Youth For Change (YFC) and has engaged with corporate audiences at institutions such as Citi Bank, NYDA, and PRASA.


Coach Naz’s commitment to mental health education is evident in her contributions to radio and TV stations, including Moja Love and Gaan Groot Radia. She has been a sought-after guest on various shows, including “Real Talk with Anele Mdoda,” Massive Metro, and more.


The Break-Free programme offers a convenient and confidential online platform for clients. It is an affordable, online programme which makes it accessible to anyone struggling with addiction from any part of the country. The 12-session programme promises proven results, emphasising a holistic approach to recovery without the need for rehabilitation. As part of community outreach, Naz is offering sponsored programmes where she will be coaching those struggling with addiction at no cost. She is also offering the public an opportunity to reach out and offer to sponsor a programme for someone that they know who can benefit from the programme.


For more information on the Break-Free programme or to enquire about prices, please contact:


Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +27 69 683 6707

Instagram: @breakfreec2c

Facebook: @breakfreec2c

TikTok: @Coach_Naz



About Coach Naz:

Coach Naz is a dedicated Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a passion for helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve mental wellness, Coach Naz brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in her field.