Good Reasons to Get a Knitting Box Subscription

Good Reasons to Get a Knitting Box Subscription
Good Reasons to Get a Knitting Box Subscription

The existence of mail order products have been around since the 19th century, however, subscription boxes, in which subscribers are getting a curated collection of items that cater to their niche interests, are newbies to the delivered-to-you marketplace.

In early 2010, the subscription industry has blown up which spans pretty much every category imaginable. This includes a knitting subscription box which is just one of the many things that you can get a hold of from beard oil and vegan jerky to life-coaching literature and pop culture.

There are a lot of options that you can choose from, which will basically be based on your personal preferences and, of course, budget. So, you must now be wondering what the hype is all about, or why would you even want to consider a knitting subscription box. Then, that decision can be primarily motivated with “yarn”.

To further substantiate your reasons on getting a knitting subscription box, you can read them down below:

  • You are the type of person who always loves surprises

You should be familiar with the feeling of being like a kid again and getting a package from a relative. This is not referring to an aunt who is always sending you classic literature, which your mother has intercepted and then immediately exchanging for an on-point E. T. doll and shoelaces. This is about the one who actually took the effort to know what your personal preferences are. Then you tear through the box and find with delight at both the thoughtfulness of family and also the coolness of your new haul. That must have been exhilarating.

You can now re-create this feeling every month throughout the year by receiving thoughtfully curated items which are handpicked for knitters like you. However, if you are not that of a fan of surprises, but also want to get a knitting subscription box, there are unboxing videos that you can watch so that you can have a grasp on what the contents are going to be in the current month’s offering.

  • You are someone who is looking for fiber exposure

No matter where you live, whether it’s in an isolated island or a rural area, or you are living at the center of a thriving city, there are already a whole lot of amazing yarns out there that even with the best-case yarn store scenario, wherein it is already impossible to be privy with the latest fibers, or on-trend driers, and new knitting-related tools.

These knitting boxes will be able to help you with that problem though. This is because these subscriptions will offer handpicked selections from experts. These experts have already done their research, thus, you will no longer need to lift a finger. This can be the best part of the process because you will be able to find beautiful yarns and then be able to share them with many knitters as possible.

  • You could use some creative alone time

Right now that we are faced with a whole lot of information, and then there are always requirements that need to be fulfilled at almost every moment of every day, it can sometimes be beneficial to take some time to plan those projects so that you will be able to squeeze in some precious creative time into your day. It may be difficult, but, when you really want to do something you know that there will always be a way.

  • You are the type of person who loves to support small businesses

Most of these knitting box companies are small themselves, but aside from that, they also collaborate with other so that they can be able to bring you independent yarns, notations, bags and so much more.

There are businesses that collaborate and are even using family-owned printing companies for their patterns. Therefore, the subscribers are really encouraged to go out and buy more of the featured products inside the subscription box after working through the items.

  • You are someone who would like to seek a meaningful company

The knitting community has always been vibrant, especially right now, with the help of the internet; the knitting community is now becoming global. Whether you are sharing your photos of your accomplished knitting box project or you are unboxing your latest items, there will be a whole world of people who would love chat with you and ask you questions about your knitting and they may even knit-along with you.

  • You want to continue learning

By having a knitting subscription box, you can learn as you go. And with a box that features new issues, each of those deliveries is also instructions on different knitting techniques that you will be able to learn and practice by knitting two squares of each. The techniques will start with the basics and then you will eventually advance as you go. You will be able to learn how to create cables, bobbles, and all other sorts of combination stitches.

  • You can earn additional income out of it

By being able to learn, you will be able to use this as a gauge for additional income, because you can be part of an expert team, or you start a small knitting business out of it.

To guide you with your knitting subscription box, here are some recommended sites where you can go and check out:

  • Darn Good Yarn

The subscription price is at $10 per month, wherein the box will include a skein of premium ethnical yarn, a knit crochet and pattern, and a mystery gift. They also have other offers like skipping for a month at any time. A subscription with them will also support small US-based businesses that are fueled by the passion to help others.

  • Knit-Wise

The subscription price starts at $29 per month. This is can be a great gift for beginners, and the subscriber will be able to receive not only high-quality yarns and project instructions but also tools and access to video online tutorials.

  • YarnYay! By Vickie Howell

The subscription price is at $35 per month where their subscribers will be able to learn from Vickie Howell. The subscription box will include at least 100 yards of mid to high-end yarn samples of all types, a knitting pattern that you can’t find anywhere else and a few bonus items.