What Makes LED Grow Lights Perfect For Your Plants?


Before going into the details of how LED grow lights are beneficial for growing plants, the first thing which needs to be addressed is what grow lights are. Grow lights are also known as plant lights. It is an artificial source of light for plants which is used to enable the plants to perform photosynthesis indoors. Grow lights are used in cases where no natural lights are available to the plants or supplement lights are required as is in the case of winters. It comes in the form of high-intensity discharge lamps, fluorescent lights, etc. the most popular being light emitting diodes (LED).

Led Grow Lights

Reasons For The Popularity Of Led Lights

To perform photosynthesis, it is necessary for plants to get proper sunlight and in the case of indoor vegetation, artificial lights takes up the role of sunlight. But among other forms of light, LED is the most popular because of the following reasons: –

  • Compact Size

Compared to fluorescent lights and high-intensity lights, LED grow lights are very compact making them very suitable for being used indoors. Unlike other lights, it does not require huge space. It also does not require ventilation system as it does not produce much heat as compared to other lights.

  • Easy to Install

Because of their compact sizes, LED can be installed adjacent to one another. This will save space even more, and thus this enables to grow more plants in a small space.

  • Energy Efficiency

Some researchers have shown that the LED lights save up to forty percent of electricity consumption. You can easily imagine how much money and electricity you can save by using these lights. It is financially beneficial for you and also environment friendly.

  • Adjustable

The amount of light which is required for proper growth of the plants can be adjusted in the case of LED grow lights, thus ensuring that all plants receive the exact amount of light needed.


Common Mistakes While Using LED Grow Lights

Growing proper vegetation indoors requires a lot of effort on the part of the planters. All the efforts can go in vain if the LED lights are not used properly. The two most common mistakes that hinder the growth of plants are as follows: –

  • Improper distance

Lights are often placed at a wrong distance from the canopy which inhibits the growth of the plant. A light too close will stun the growth, and if it is too far, it will cause stretching.

  • Improper timing

For how much time the plant should be exposed to lights will depend on the state the vegetation is in. For example, during vegetative growth state, it is recommended to expose the plant to the LED lights for eighteen hours.


Using new technology can sometimes become difficult. It is better to do proper research on the effective usage of these lights for maximum yields. You can also read a perfect guide of LED grow lights to know more. This will help you to eliminate the common mistakes and unravel the true potential of LED lights for growing plants!

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