Landscaping Ideas: Using Landscaping Rock for Maximum Effect

Landscaping Ideas: Using Landscaping Rock for Maximum Effect
Landscaping Ideas: Using Landscaping Rock for Maximum Effect

Looking to give you yard some something special to set it apart from those in the rest of your neighborhood? Want to add some depth and texture to your landscaping design? Landscaping rock comes in many different forms, is inexpensive, and used sparingly, give a garden a warm, natural look.

Not only is there a good selection of colors, landscaping rock comes in different kinds of stone to choose among, from limestone to slate to granite. Different landscaping designs call for different types of landscaping rock, obviously, but given all the choices it is easy to get just the right rock.

If you are landscaping a new property, when you first clear the ground and rototill the soil for your yard, you’ll no doubt find a few choice rocks you wish you had not. Do not have them hauled way; these can be set aside and used in your landscaping. It could save you time and expense later on.

The trick to using rock in landscaping effectively, as with any form of hardscaping, is to completely incorporate them into your yard’s design. Locate them in places that will add to the yard, not where it looks like you are trying to cover something up or take attention away from another part of the yard. Plan just where each landscaping rock should be placed for maximum effect and balance.

Take the time to bury your rock and it will improve it’s look, making them appear planted. They will integrate better into the overall design and look as if this is where they belong.

How far you bury your rock in the ground will depend upon the landscaping rock that you select. If you have a very large piece of rock then it should be buried deeper than a smaller landscaping rock. Four to six inches is a good depth for a medium size rock. Dig a shallow hole about the size of your landscaping rock and place the rock into it. Use common sense here and get help lifting it. If it is a larger piece, you may need to rent lifting equipment or hire a contractor for this part. Finally tuck back the dirt into the gap around the rock.

Next time that you are out walking or hiking in the woods, keep an eye out for larger rocks and boulders. Look at how they naturally sit in the ground and you’ll see what kind of a look the landscaping rock in your yard should have. This is the kind of detail that will set your yard off from the rest of your neighbors.

Source by Carlo Morelli

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