Tips To Effectively Use Eversafe Civilian MREs

We are all grateful towards the army. Thanks to their services we can enjoy a peaceful meal in the comfort of our home with our families. We are so engrossed in our quiet and peaceful life that we ignore the hardship that our veterans face while ensuring our safety. We are oblivious about their lifestyle, their daily routines and their eating habits. Ever wondered what our veterans are eating out there in their line of duty. Well they are not being starved. They have something called a Ready to eat meal or MRE. So what are these so called ready to eat meals? These are packaged food supplied to our on duty officials to be consumed while they are in the field. And the pleasure of eating with our compatriots out in the field is an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Nowadays MREs are available to civilians too, so that we may enjoy the occasional retreat of enjoying our meals in the countryside. Eversafe Civilian MREs brings that feeling to you with their menus of ready to eat meals.

Civilian MREs: Eversafe came out with their own ready to eat packaged meals. They come with a variety of platters to choose from. Choose from the various meals prepared especially for you. Here are some useful pointers you can heed when buying Civilian MREs.

  • Preparing MREs – Although MREs can be eaten cold as they are ‘ready to eat meals’, a warm meal always soothes our appetite. Preparing a MRE involves heating the contents of the box. Here are some ways to do so:
  • Use the MRE “Flameless Ration” Chemical Heater (FRH).
  • Use boiling water to heat the packed MRE.
  • Heat the MRE in a saucepan.
  • Heat the MRE using a microwave.
  • Heat the MRE over an Oven.
  • Check The Condition Of The Contents – MREs are good as long as their inner circle is lighter that their outer circle. Nobody wants a spoilt product or item. So before making purchases check the wrapping of the MREs.
  • Check The Packaging – Resale of military MREs is illegal. Civilians are not allowed to buy military MREs. Be sure that you are buying Civilian MREs. Military MREs comes in a specific packaging that indicates that it is for the U.S military and not for resale.
  • Look For Calorie Count – While you can get kits with exact calorie content, some cheap vendors sell meals with low calorie count. Watch out for such hypes and only buy from reputed sellers.

These are some tips on effectively using civilian MREs. Now let’s look at some instances where civilian MREs can be used.

By Campers And Outdoor Enthusiast

Campers like to travel light. They carry all their essential items in their backpacks. They have their tents, sanitary items, tools and other daily use items that may be required over the course of their journey. One of the most important things to keep in mind before going on a trip is the food supply. But when it comes to food source various factors need to be accounted for. You need to carry the daily rations, utensils to cook and a sufficient amount of cutlery. When on a trip these items can’t be carried around. Should such a situation arise, MREs are the best calls. They are light, packed and easy to use. Also the calorie counts of these packets are very high making sure that you get the essential nutrients during your journey.

As A Portable Food Source During Relief Operations

The fact that MREs are well packed makes them a food source during disaster relief operation. Most other food sources get damaged during disasters. But not these packets. These can be stored for years with the contents safe and intact. Also since the MREs come in sealed packs the chances of water damaging them is very low. Owing to these attributes MREs are an excellent relief material.

Not all of us are out on the field and we can’t have the experiences of our veterans. But thanks to Eversafe Civilian MREs we can at least try to create the environment that they take their foods in. So order your MRE today and experience that feeling.