Kick Off Heritage Day Early with a Culinary MasterClass

Kick Off Heritage Day Early with a Culinary MasterClass
Kick Off Heritage Day Early with a Culinary MasterClass

Kick Off Heritage Day Early with a Culinary MasterClass

Born in May out of a need to support the restaurant industry during this challenging time, the Live-Cook Channel features celebrity chefs and masters of the kitchen who show viewers in real-time how to create their signature dishes with absolute ease. Book to cook and get your meal box delivered to your door to cook along with some of South Africa’s most renowned chefs.

The channel has already featured the likes of Franck DangereuxLuke Dale RobertsBenny Masekwameng, and Bertus Basson, and most recently The Giggling Gourmet herself, Jenny Morris, on Thursday, 20 August. VIEW EPISODE 5

Up next we are delighted to have Chef Kabelo Segone join us in the kitchen!



The Live-Cook Channel is ecstatic to be hosting an esteemed member of the cheffing community, Kabelo Segone, for our 6th Episode! Join Chef Kabelo as he shows us how to make his mouth-watering signature dish of Lamb Thai Green Curry – the perfect dish to usher in the springtime. A director of the SA Chefs Association and an educator of note at the HTA School of Culinary Art, Chef Kabelo will bring his warmth, care, passion for teaching and culinary creativity to the Live-Cook Channel on Wednesday, 16 September at 18H00. Here’s his special invitation: VIEW KABELO’S PERSONAL INVITATION

“Catch me on the 16th of September on the Live-Cook Channel – I look forward to engaging with you!” says Chef Kabelo. “We will be making a lovely Lamb Thai Green Curry served with beautiful, fragrant rice so make sure you get your bookings in by the 10th of September. The great thing is that you’ll have all the pre-portioned ingredients you need, so there will be no wastage, no shopping around, just fun. It’s going to be lit!”

He will be joined by our lively and entertaining presenter, Chef Pete Goffe-Wood, as he takes Chef Kabelo through his paces.

Guests who book to cook will have their pre-portioned meal boxes of 2 or 4 portions delivered to their homes within 24 hours before the live show. Meal boxes cost between R390-R590 for 2 or 4 portions, and can be secured on For Kabelo’s signature dish, our audience will receive lamb, curry paste, coconut milk, red peppers, lime, broccoli and all the necessary herbs and spices for a flavourful dish. All guests will need to prepare their kitchens, is a few pots and pans, and some basic pantry items like salt, pepper, sugar and oil.


An Authentic Culinary Experience for Heritage Month

Since its inception in mid-June, the Live-Cook Channel has repeatedly received rave reviews from our audience cooking along. Not only has each episode successfully brought friends and family together during the lockdown, but it has become a great gift for birthdays, a way to bond with teens, a moment in time for lovers to reconnect, or for friends and colleagues to come together over the airwaves.

Here’s what some of our previous guests have had to say:

“Our plating may not be pretty but the taste of our efforts is beyond delicious!” – Susan Reynard

“This was a simple and amazing meal to make. I am elevated!” – Evelyn Rampola

“Another stunning cook with Jenny Morris and Pete Goffe-Wood. Thank you #livecookchannel for a splendid evening!!” – Gerrit van Zyl

“Feeling quite proud. And been told it’s bloody delicious, too. Comforting flavours lightened up with a fresh pickle and rounded off with warm, toasted nuts and seeds. What a treat to cook live with such a talented chef, albeit remotely.” – Zanele Kumalo


As South Africa celebrates our heritage and history this September, a ticket to cook along with the Live-Cook Channel is the perfect way to truly spoil dad and ease him into braai mode ahead of Heritage Day. Show him your mad kitchen skills (and learn a few more with our amazing chefs). Delight him with fun conversation and a sumptuous curry dish to end the evening.


Keeping the Restaurant Industry Going

Designed as a solidarity initiative for chefs to earn an income and keep their kitchens going throughout the lockdown, the Live-Cook Channel is proud to announce that we have ploughed more than R240 000 into our restaurants, chefs and the wider food supply chain since our launch! We could not have done this without you, so thank you for your continued support.

UP NEXT: Chef Michelle Theron

Hazedal Wine Estates’ talented Chef Michelle Theron will join the Live-Cook Channel’s 7th episode on 14 October 2020. Stay tuned to our YouTubeInstagramFacebook or Twitter
 platforms on @livecookchannel and follow the hashtag #LiveCookChannel for updates. Visit our website on for more details. Visit to book your signature dish meal box and cook-along experience for episode 6 or 7.