Smart Chef Gammon

Why gammon is always a great choice for Christmas lunch?

Christmas is a time for celebration, synonymous with fun, family, and feasting. Lots of feasting! And whilst South Africans have adopted many festive food traditions from the Brits – from stuffed turkey, gravy and roast potatoes to Christmas pudding and trifle – there is one traditional Christmas table must-have that most of us will agree on – GAMMON!

The FOOD STALL at SPAR shares the reasons why gammon remains a firm Christmas favourite:

1. Serve Hot or cold: The great thing about gammon is that it is equally delicious served hot or cold.

2. A versatile option: Gammon is versatile so should there be any leftovers, you’re covered for Boxing Day too. Leftover gammon could easily be used in breakfast quiche, salad, pasta, or stir-fry.

3. Great value for money: Pork is traditionally cheaper than lamb or beef. SPAR offers affordable fully cooked glazed deli gammon which is convenience at its best.

4. Hearty and lower in saturated fat: Interesting to note for the health-conscious, beef and lamb contain more saturated fat than pork. Most of the fat in pork is healthy mono-saturated fat with small, but higher levels of polyunsaturated fats when compared to other red meats. This means pork, including gammon, offers a more favourable fat content than most other red meats. Additionally, gammon is an excellent source of vitamin B and minerals and is rich in protein which makes it a healthier choice without having to compromise on deliciousness.

5.Simply serve and enjoy: Whilst cooking gammon from scratch and serving it with all the trimmings might appeal to the Christmas traditionalists out there; in the midst of an SA summer this is definitely not for everyone. The FOOD STALL at SPAR offers customers the convenient option to order their Christmas gammons, ready cooked and glazed without having to spend any unnecessary time in a hot kitchen this season.

When deciding on your Christmas lunch menu and you order your SPAR deli gammon, it is recommended to work on 150 g to 200 g per protein when serving 2 to 3 protein options. Plus, whatever other Christmas fare, besides a delectable gammon, you choose to delight your loved ones with this year, SPAR has got you covered. Let us do the hard work so you can be a 5 five-star host with the least amount of effort.