Five recipes of salmon that you can prepare easily

Five recipes of salmon that you can prepare easily
Five recipes of salmon that you can prepare easily

Salmon is a fish that is abundant in the river currents of Alaska and being migratory, that are found in the others parts as well. The seasonal flock of salmon arrives at the places every year and people make for good delicacies that are healthy too with salmon fillets. When you prepare salmon, you not only add taste to your meals plans but also add nutrition to the diet chart. Hence, knowing a few recipes that will make your servings full of taste and nutrition is must and to learn more you can visit the globalseafoods platform today.

The reason for this fish’s popularity isn’t just in its versatility, it has health benefits, too: high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and B6, and calcium.

The best part of making dishes with salmon is that they require minimum ingredients. Salmon carries a flavour that is authentic to its taste. It also combines well with the smoky scent of charcoal which makes it a hot item for grilling. If you are thinking of having a party at the backyard with friend and family, flaky and aromatic fillets of chum salmon can save you from a lot of effort as these can be prepared almost without any hassle. Let us now have a look in to the easy to cook preparations of salmon that are great ways to ensure health and taste.

Soy-Maple Salmon

Salty and sweet flavors combine effortlessly atop Food Network Magazine’s baked salmon, marinated in a bold mixture of soy sauce, maple syrup and orange juice, then served with cranberry-dotted cauliflower.

Crispy Salmon Croquettes With Remoulade Sauce

Similar to crab cakes, Sandra’s golden-brown bites are made with prepared salmon and a filling of egg, a splash of hot sauce and fish-fry coating mix for added flavor, then pan-fried until warm and served with a cool mayonnaise-garlic sauce.

Salmon and Dill Chowder With Pastry Crust 

Rachael remakes the everyday chicken pot pie into a hearty seafood bowl, complete with a creamy combination of poached salmon, celery and potatoes, finished with a pre-baked flaky crust.

Salmon Hash

An impressive brunch pick that won’t disappoint, Food Network Magazine’s simple hash features sauteed chopped salmon alongside timesaving store-bought hash browns, tender peppers and onions, plus a no-fuss salad of peppery arugula.

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti With Lemon, Basil and Salmon

In only 20 quick minutes, Giada builds layered plates of healthful ingredients, including nutrient-rich spinach, whole-wheat pasta studded with garlic and capers, and seared salmon, to create a top-rated supper that’s easy enough to prepare on a weeknight.

The best part about cooking salmon is that the preparations are easy and can be made within short time. If there are guests at your home for which you were not prepared, a plate of baked salmon can save you from embarrassment anytime. Make sure that you have enough chum salmon fillets in store and if not, order today from globalseafoods platform to get the best quality at reasonable price.

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