Enjoy a taste of B-well this Heritage Month

Enjoy a taste of B-well this Heritage Month
Enjoy a taste of B-well this Heritage Month

As we celebrate Heritage Month, we turn our attention to a local brand that waves the South African flag high and proud – B-well. This local gem is made right here in beautiful SA, so every time you drizzle B-well Canola Oil or spread B-well Mayonnaise on your sandwich, you’re adding a dash of love for your country and its people.

However, B-well is much more than just its Made-in-SA credentials. It’s a culinary companion in kitchens across the country that embraces the essence of wholesome cooking and provides healthy, delicious cooking options.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the products in the range and how they’re helping conscious cooks around the country prepare feasts for their families.

The Essence of B-well: Its Canola Oil

B-well is the largest buyer of canola in South Africa – in fact, if you take a drive through Swellendam or Morreesburg this spring, the fields that you see painted a vibrant yellow are all full of the Canola that will soon end up in B-well’s bottles. B-well Canola Oil doesn’t just have a low carbon footprint thanks to its local production but it boasts plenty of health benefits and brings heart-healthy fats, omega-3 riches, and an infusion of Vitamin E to the table. Using B-well’s Canola Oil means nourishing your family’s heart health – imagine each dish prepared with a dose of care, knowing that the choice you’ve made resonates with your commitment to their well-being.

Exploring a Plant-Based Life with B-well’s Mayonnaise

Whether you’re a long-time vegan, exploring plant-based options or just want to reduce the animal-based products on your plate, B-Well Mayonnaise is here to satisfy your cravings. You know, the creamy, tangy goodness that’s been missing on your sandwich or in a dip?  B-Well’s got you covered! The full range of mayonnaise – from B-well Original Tangy to Thick & Creamy, and all the products in between – is crafted with canola oil and free from both dairy and eggs.

Embracing Traditions at the Dining Table

This month especially, we’re focusing on the culinary traditions that shape our identity. Every culture adds its unique twist to the menu and B-well’s range of oils is the common thread that weaves through them all. From spicy curries to soul-soothing stews, from amagwinya to koesusters, B-Well has an oil that’s made for every application and plays to its own strengths. The B-well Canola and Olive Oil blend is endorsed by the Heart Foundation and CANSA, the B-well Cooking Olive Oil is ideal for use at higher temperatures, the B-well Extra Virgin Olive Oil is full of natural vitamins and antioxidants, while the B-well Grapeseed Oil is delicate in flavour and also endorsed by the Heart Foundation.

So, let’s celebrate our beautiful country while we bid farewell to culinary choices that compromise health and embrace a lifestyle that nourishes body and soul. Let’s cook, share, and celebrate our heritage with B-Well – a tribute to our nation’s pride.