A Hand-Picked Guide to The Importance of Eating Sablefish


The Somewhat Sweet-Tasting Swimmer known as Black Cod or Sable Fish belongs to the family ‘Anoplopomatidae’. They have long, shiny and elongated bodies, and are approximately 30 inches in length. They are nearly 10 pounds in weight, and have a dark grayish green skin with black scales, which is why they are often called ‘Black Cod’. Ounce for Ounce the buttery pearl white meat of the Black Cod contains high levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, 2.8g in a six Ounce of serving, and other essential minerals. This amazing catch of the day can be added to your diet in the form of baking, broiling, frying or grilling.

An Introduction to Black Cod

Sablefish is also termed as Black Cod and happens to be mild. Additionally, it happens to be a white flaky delicacy packed with same levels of omega-3s as seen in salmon. The velvety texture of the black cod, its white flakiness, and its sweet flavor are what make it a rich meal. In addition, it also comes with certain health benefits. In case you have been seeking sablefish to try for the very first time, it might become your favorite food for a lifetime! But before tasting it, here’s presenting the health benefits of black cod.

The Importance of Eating Sablefish: Some Health Benefits

Just keep in mind that since it is a hand-picked guide, only a couple of health benefits are mentioned here. To know more about it, keep reading on.

  • It helps in improving your eye health
  • Sablefish promotes bone health too
  • It is best when it comes to lowering blood pressure
  • Sablefish regulates cholesterol levels
  • It helps in boosting metabolism
  • Black Cod also helps in alleviating stress as well as depression
  • It also helps in fighting cancer
  • Black cod is beneficial for treating dengue fever
  • For boosting of the immune system, this is pretty beneficial
  • For promoting better digestion, it is effective
  • Sablefish reduces cramps
  • Finally, it also helps in aiding in weight loss

Things to Know

Black Cod contains moderate levels of protein. An 85g of cooked Black Cod provides you approximately 14.61 grams of Protein and over 200 calories. A book published by Mary Grosvenor and Lori Smolin in the field of medical sciences proved that Protein plays a significant role in the improvement of immune health, which prevents the body from various infections (Grosvenor and Smolin, 2015).

Moreover, it also enhances your metabolism. A health study published by Kirpal Sindhu from the Institute of Environmental Toxicology at the Michigan State University confirmed that Fish Consumption promotes the ingestion of high-value proteins and Omega-3, which improves heart health, reduces hypertension, and strengthens the metabolism. Moreover, it was revealed that Black Cod contains an acceptable amount of Omega-3, which seems to meet the daily requirement set by the American Heart Association (AHS) (Sindhu, 2003).

Wrap up

Thus, this concludes everything to know about black cod and how it comes with multiple health benefits.

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