Why is Nepal Best for Yoga Teacher Training?

Summary: Travel to the Meditation Capital ‘Nepal’ for a Yoga Teacher Training. Here is why the globe’s trekking and meditation destination is so preferred for Yoga Teacher Training expedition.

Nepal is a beautiful country setting in the picturesque Himalayas. A mixture of Indian as well as Nepalese civilization, the country has flourished immensely under the influence of spiritual realm. Having long been an avid neighbor of the Indian subcontinent, Nepal has a Vedic culture in its soul and has been playing an integral part in proliferating the Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. The country is noted for being the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and the greatest Meditation Guru ever born on the planet. Over the years, Nepal has contributed enormously to the development of yogic society with a number of world-class Yoga centers and retreats in the Himalayan nation.

Learning the holistic knowledge of Yoga in the spellbinding setting of Nepal is a matter of extreme pride and gratification. Today, almost one-third of the world population and majority in the working community is urging for mental peace and contentment amidst the heat of worldly stress. Yoga has come up with an authentic and effective solution. Yoga training and practice are among the most popular ways to relax and get inspired in Nepal. While traffic of Yoga enthusiasts is an all-time high in Nepal, here is why Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal is so on top-of-the-line:

For spiritual energy

How close the relationship between Nepal and spirituality is can be understood by the fact that some of the most famous temples and monasteries are located in this Himalayan kingdom. While the glory of the infamous Pashupatinath Temple resounds across the globe, the Kopan Monastery offers utter peace to its visitors. Hundreds of sadhus and yogis can be found meditating and seeking spiritual blessing by the Bagmati river. Learning the art of Yoga amidst such great spiritual energy gives a special power of looking at the world and prepares to attain self-realization.

The magnificence of nature

Nobody can doubt the natural comeliness of Nepal. Instilled with the wisdom of the yogic science, Nepal is decorated with the picturesque mountain trails, breathtaking lakes, snow-packed valleys, tranquil rivers, and much more nature’s gifts that win our heart and soul. When you indulge in Trikonasana overlooking the snowy Annapurna peaks and meditate by the sacred flow of Bagmati river, the experience gets engraved in your soul for a lifetime.

Training in the Himalayas- the source of traditional knowledge

The Himalayas is the place where Yoga took birth. Aspirants get the purest knowledge of Yoga in Nepal since Yoga is rooted in the culture of this country. Nepal has produced some of the most notable Yoga personalities over the years. Teachers there have mastered the ancient science in the traditional form and the Yoga schools aim to illuminate the aspirants with the purest and the most authentic knowledge of Yoga. Students have the opportunity to explore the science of Yoga in the Himalayas by the stunning picture of the holy mountains.

Certified Yoga training program

Nepal is considered among the topmost destinations for Yoga TTC. Nepal has a wide range of Yoga schools certified with Yoga Alliance and other internationally recognized certifications. Whether you are an experienced practitioner seeking higher Yoga education or have started exploring the holistic art a while ago, you will be able to reach your yogic goal in Nepal for sure. From the basic level 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal to 500 Hour Yoga Training to special programs such as Hatha Yoga training event, Nepal lets you become proficient in various levels.

To be comprehensive, purity is what defines Nepal when it comes to Yoga education. Pure Yoga, pleasing environment, sacred teachings, and welcoming culture accompany the genuine standard of Yoga teacher training in Nepal.