Why I Don’t Lose Weight: Top-5 Mistakes to Avoid

Why I Don't Lose Weight: Top-5 Mistakes to Avoid
Why I Don't Lose Weight: Top-5 Mistakes to Avoid

Description: Losing weight is not an easy job. Weight loss involves a complete procedure that does not happen as efficiently as you would wish it to happen. Weight loss takes its own time and there may be several reasons behind why you are unable to get your desired results and might consider looking into the matter if you are not happy with the results.

The body tends to fight back when you try to lose weight even if your diet contains the best fat burners. You may be able to lose weight quickly in the beginning without having to work hard but it gradually slows down. Several things influence mass loss, including the weight loss programs that you are following.

It is important to consider the mistakes that you might be making that are not allowing you to lose mass as much as you would like. Top 5 mistakes that should be avoided while trying to lose weight are listed below.

1. Lack of Sleep

Losing sleep might be a huge reason behind weight gain. According to different researches, it has been observed that people getting seven hours of sleep are likely to gain less weight than people getting five hours of sleep. One of the first and foremost weight loss tips that are given is to get enough sleep since it affects you both physically and mentally.

Deprived sleep can also make the person cranky, irritated, confused, and also lead to depression that can affect the choice of food. Also, it can affect the secretion of one of the hormones, cortisol, that regulates the appetite.

2. Feeling Stressed

Weight gain and stress go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter how many weight loss pills you take daily; it will not help you get the desired results if you are stressed. Constant stress not only affects your weight loss program but also your health. 

Some of the ways on how stress can affect your plans for weight loss are:

  • Cravings. Whenever you feel low or are under stress, we tend to reach out for our comfort foods that have a high content of sugar as well as fat.
  • Skipping workouts. Stress can lead to making you feel down or fatigued, and workout can be quite intimidating at the time.
  • Raising cortisol. Similar to the lack of sleep, stress can also increase the production of cortisol. Along with increasing your appetite, it also increases the fat storage in the abdomen.

3. Eating Too Much

The question is what is the best weight loss program? The answer is very simple, rather just one word. Awareness. It is very important in case you are aiming to lose weight. Many are unaware of the amount of food they are consuming which should never be the case. You must understand the concept of calories out vs calories in. Unless you track the amounts of calories you eat, you wouldn’t be able to achieve success since your intake of calories may be more than what you think.

4. Still Intaking Sugar

Everyone loves sugary beverages but they can harm your dream of losing mass the most. It would not matter the amount of weight loss supplements you are on because sugary beverages are loaded with sugar. Even fruit juice is not good for you and creates a problem if consumed in huge amounts. A single serving of fruit juice contains sugar that equals several pieces of the whole fruit.

5. Not Drinking Too Much Water

No weight loss foods will benefit your program, until and unless you drink lots of water. It has also been noticed that if you drink around 17 ounces or half a liter of water half an hour before your meals, then 44% weight is lost more than people who do not follow this program. Drinking water also helps in burning more calories than less consumption of water.

Mass loss is difficult and has several factors that can put the program into a standstill. At the most fundamental level, failure of weight loss occurs when the intake of calories is equal to or more than calorie loss. Different strategies can be useful like keeping a count on the intake of calories to maintaining a food diary to doing more exercises.


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