What to Look for When Hiring a Yoga Teacher?

Summary: Know about the best five qualities that one should look for when hiring a yoga teacher.

Individuals dwelling on the practice of yoga on a continuous basis cannot stop gushing about the multiple wonders it does to their body and mind. Enthralled by the spectrum of benefits that this wonderful science offers to its practitioner, several entities take a step forward and enroll in yoga teacher training courses. Some desire to enhance their personal practice for self-growth, while there are many who wish to transform into professional yoga teachers along the journey. Additionally, individuals taking up a yoga teacher training course in order to turn their passion into a vocation always ask one crucial question– “What makes a yoga teacher great?” Well, it is always hard to pick the ‘best ‘ from the lot as there are so many incredible yoga teachers, each unique in their own special way. But there are certain qualities that are present in all the great yoga masters. Therefore, we have curated a list of the five facts that make for a great yoga teacher. Read on below:

1. Yoga Alliance Certification: Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit organization that governs and awards certifications in yoga programs all over the globe. Only students who have successfully completed a yoga teacher training course are awarded this prestigious certificate entitling them as skilled yoga teachers. Majority of the yoga instructors in Gurgaon are RYT certified teachers that have endured extensive training and have imbibed the pragmatic yogic way of living. Getting trained by such teachers is an excellent opportunity.

2. Profound Knowledge of Yoga: The successful yoga teachers are the ones who give their lives in unearthing the treasures of the science of yoga. Through dedicated readings of Yoga Sutras, Vedas, Upanishads, B.K.S Iyengar, etc. they acquire a deep, traditional knowledge of yoga. They spend considerable time in understanding the various aspects of yoga, the relationship between human body and the science of yoga, the importance of adjustment and alignment which enriches their wisdom about the art of yoga. The ingrained yoga knowledge collected along the passage of time enables them to impart the yoga teachings in an efficient manner. Moreover, a great yoga teacher is always a student at heart who keeps on learning throughout the journey.

3. Innate Passion for the science of yoga: It is the innate longing and love for the science of yoga that inspires many individuals to become a yoga teacher. The urge to dig deeper into the roots of the mystical science of yoga and to enhance the self-practice keeps the teachings of a yoga teacher up-to-date and authentic. The commitment towards a daily yoga practice transforms the character of a student and a teacher emerges. This helps a teacher teach from an intuitive place where they invite students to explore their authentic self. Knowledge of Sanskrit Names of the yoga asanas is also among the best attributes of a good yoga teacher.

4. Physical Expertise: Successful yoga instructors exhibit great physical and mental qualities that express their skills. They teach each pose with intimate attention to each and every detail. They are well-versed with diverse yoga postures and the right techniques to perform each yoga asana. They assist the students in the correct performance of the yoga pose allowing a student to reap the maximum benefits out of it. Individuals residing in the metropolitan city of Delhi can easily find yoga instructors in Gurgaon having the physical expertise to practice the yoga postures in a correct way for optimal results.

5. Versatility: Experienced yogis are capable of molding the yoga practices according to the varying needs of the students. Whether they look to develop a meditative routine or wish to expand their horizons with deep knowledge of adjustment and alignment, this is only possible when the teachings of a yogi are refined and are deep-rooted in the traditional science.

Check for the above-mentioned qualities whenever you hire a yoga teacher to get hands-on experience and knowledge of the finest yoga teachings.