What to Look for A Good Yoga Teacher?

Summary: For a full-fledged yoga practice, a great teacher is a boon. And to find one, explore the article to know what all qualities you need to look for in a good yoga teacher.

Yoga is a science, a science of healthy living. It is an ancient healthcare system that is ornate, complex, and wide, and it takes time to completely understand it. To know Yoga in a true manner, guidance is required, and a yoga teacher or guru is the one who can take us deeper into the magical practice of the life science. Yoga teacher is the one who shapes our yogic practices, helps us in the journey, and directs us towards the path that leads to complete tranquillity and deliverance.

Yoga teachers play an important role. To achieve the most out of your yoga practice, look for these qualities in a Yoga Teacher:


The first and the most important point to consider when you look for a good yoga teacher. A Yoga Teacher should hold a Yoga Alliance Certification. The certification is added to the credibility of the teacher. Learning from an RYT or registered yoga teacher ensures your training and it assures a thorough learning as well. Yoga Alliance is an international governing body of Yoga in the world with the highest standards of a Yoga Teacher Training.

Know About The Experience And Teaching Style

Knowing their qualification is important, but with that, you also need to be aware of their teaching style and experience. A Yoga Teacher teaches what they learn at Yoga Teacher Training. But every individual has their own style as well. So, before enrolling in a class know about the areas of proficiency.

Empathy Is Essential

Being able to relate and understand the students and their requirement is a quality every yoga teacher should possess. No matter what subject a teacher is teaching, they should be empathic towards their students, be able to comprehend their feelings and work accordingly to help them absorb the learning better. The pointers future explain the behavior and manners a yoga teacher should hold:

• Should show compassion towards the wellbeing of the students to make them feel safe and taken care of.
• A great yoga teacher should also focus on forming a great bond with their students.
• Trust and bond help you to teach and learn things easily, and also expand their ambit of Yoga practice.

Love And Passion For Yoga

Yoga is an art, a practice that is built with love and compassion and it can only be taught by a passionate soul who has dedicated their life to the artform. There are some yoga teachers who are not connected with the art wholeheartedly. And being a healthcare practice, yoga aims at improving the overall well being. If the yoga teacher loves the science and is passionate about it, then only they can transfer the same feeling to their students and be able to inspire and motivate them.

Personality And Method

Every teacher has their own personality and way of teaching. Some bring warmth to the heart and some add humor to make the class fun-loving and light-hearted. Likewise, every yoga teacher has their own personalized style of teaching that can be used to add uniqueness to the class or can help them cater to both the students of advanced and beginner level. Take a demo session with them to find yours.

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