How to Create a Yoga Studio in Your Own Home

Summary: Through this article learn and implement the six best steps guiding your way towards your own yoga studio at home.

The most striking aspect of yoga is it can be practiced anywhere. It can be practiced unfettered in the comfort of your home, or in a room full of people. Once you dwell in the practice of yoga, you can easily make it a part of your daily routine and over time experience profound transfiguration.

While seeking a yoga practice at a nearby yoga class can be challenging for some people as our mind loves to make excuses and we are unable to commit to regular yoga classes. So, here is an incredibly simple solution to this, create your own yoga studio at your home.

When you really want to create a perfect yoga studio for ideal yogic experiences, do it with the right mix of energizing, calming, and meditative elements. Here is a list of six surfacing elements that make up for an ideal yoga studio to indulge in deep yoga practices.

1. Select the Right Direction: Direction matters: Just rolling out the mat in any room situated in any direction may not help you reap its mystical benefits to the full potential. Therefore, it is equally important to determine the direction that compliments your yoga practices. Preferably, north and east are the two major directions that signify spirituality and yoga. Hence, if you have a yoga studio in this direction it would be great. The right direction ensures that the mind of a practitioner is calm and body is relaxed so that it raises its supreme powers.

2. Declutter Your Space: When it comes to creating a space for spiritual awakenings, less is really more. It is important to throw the clutter out as it distracts, restricts movements and it can be mystically stagnating. Create ample space for breathing. Only keep items that serve the purpose and are beautiful.

3. Select Harmonious Color Palette: To give a soothing appeal to your room think of a pastel, neutral or earthy color palette. You can also think of colors like bright yellow if you want your space to be livelier. Select from a different range of hues and tones such as pale green, baby pink, lavender etc. Give a personal touch to your yoga studio by adding inspirational quotes about life, spirituality, meditation from your favorite authors. Choose to go eco-friendly by selecting non-toxic paints and nurture yourself and the environment.

4. Set a spiritual ambiance with lightning: Harsh lightening or direct sun rays streaming into your eyes can mess up the positive vibes. Select lightning that is dimmer or use overhead lights and lamps with a three-way switch to add softness to the place. Decorate the place with curtain filter lights, letting in the right amount of light needed and allowing you to admire the beautiful nature outside. Also, select from a range of handcrafted products, scented candles, and aromapathy spray for a welcoming experience.

5. Select Yoga Essentials: When your yoga studio is nearly completed, hunt for yoga essential that makes up for refined yoga practice. Shop for durable, high-quality PVC or jute yoga mat for practicing yoga asanas, blocks and bolsters for restorative yoga practices, blankets and other yoga props for adjustment and alignment classes. Head to your local flea market and shop for unique storage solutions like antique trunks for neat and orderly storage of yoga ancillaries.

6. Add soothing music and mirrors: Some soothing music at the backdrop shall make your yoga class more invigorating. Search for mantra chanting audios that can be played during the meditation practices. Also, decorate the rooms with floor length mirrors that enable yoga students to observe their form and technique. This shall help them dwell perfectly into the ideal yoga practice.

Design your own picture-perfect yoga studio and embark upon a journey to inner transformation.