Discover worthwhile things to do at yoga festivals

Discover worthwhile things to do at yoga festivals coming up in your city or nearby to feel more focused, inspired, and very, very happy.

These summers cut out from the doldrums of self-practice and specified class-hours and go free in the lights, colors, and laughter of yoga festivals. With a little research, you can find so many vivid festivals being conducted in your city or near, featuring top yoga teachers, innovative styles, and an array of yoga topics that go beyond just asanas.

This is also a great opportunity to bond and feel one with like-minded folks. Know the who’s who of the yoga tribe, get inspired by their success stories, share your experiences, crisis, and tips and tricks for the beginners. To revel in the community vibes and feel the good energies soaring high, here are the reasons to go—

Good Solo Time to Recharge

Weekend plans at yoga festivals are the best. You get two days window into unique workshops of non-stop yoga frolics, art, and miscellaneous before going back to the work-a-day life again. It’s a good two days off daily chores and everyday people to search out the other side of ‘you’, make new friends, and feel self-sufficient.

From another angle, this time can also be taken off with a dear friend or partner to bond in a field of vibrant activities and the sweet scent of freedom. Plan it well, plan it wisely, and remember to keep it from getting ultra-intense.

Share Space with Accomplished Yoga Personages

The who’s who of yoga and good life, the ones whose talks you could only manage to catch on Instagram lives will be sharing spaces and sharing vibes with one and all of these platforms. This could be a great time to spring your personal queries and opinion out loud at Q & A time and get some expert perspective on your problems. Plus, just participating in a flow sequence with an expert can boost your confidence sky high.

Remember to carry a notebook and jot down all important points for correcting your stances, deepen the practice further, and support your physical practices with lifestyle hacks and supportive philosophy from the celebrated minds. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to get books autographed and click lots of pictures!

A Wild Dose of Inspiration!

Gyrating in the same loop of practice day after day can make you feel trapped in stasis, but it is not easy or available to break out too. Festivals are sure great occasions to get your groove back. The plain sight of so many enthusiasts gathering in glee, doing out postures is a marvel. Plus, there are just so many styles, combinations, and schools of practice to choose from.

It is that happy scope to let loose with some playful Acro Yoga when you have been a serious Ashtangi all your life, or explore the peace and quiet of Yin Yoga when you have been maddeningly driven by Power Yoga till now.
These platforms are also where you can get introduced to a lot of viable yoga courses in Gurgaon and elsewhere in the city. Do lookout for good deals, discounted offers, and free vouchers are available in plenty in this spirit of celebrations.

Stepping Out the Comfort Zone

Crossing beyond the known boundaries can be such an out of the world, exhilarating feeling. You need to have a taste of it, coming out of your comfort cocoon as you step out at such a festival. To live under open skies at a scenic place like the green veldts of the ‘yoga world capital’ Rishikesh, or the city of palaces and monuments like the Ashtanga heritage venue of Mysore will open your mind to new people, new ways to live, and expand your worldview like never before.

Festivals are where you get to connect hand-to-hand doing a partnering posture, or find support to making a head-stand work, or lock gazes with a complete stranger just to realize surprising closeness at a soul level.

Supporting Worthy Causes

Yoga festivals often have fundraisers for humanitarian causes that you would like to make a contribution to. Also, plenty of opportunities for karma yoga (selfless service to society) projects can come about.

Go ahead, kick up your heels in the festival spirits and live some more!