With millions of gym-goers strength training in incorrect footwear, today adidas unveils its latest high-performance footwear iteration – Dropset 3. Designed specifically for the demands of weight-based exercises, offering enhanced stability, breathability, durability, and grip to help athletes go from strength-to-strength with lifts, sets and reps.

Collaborating with expert sport physical therapist, Dr Leada Malek, PT, DPT, to underline the research-backed implications of wearing non-optimal footwear whilst strength training, Dr Leada explains: “Unknown to many, their current choice of footwear is not optimizing their strength performance and, in many cases hindering it through increasing their energy exertion, risk of injury and interfering with normal foot function. In fact, research shows that footwear, which is fit for the individual and the demands of strength-based exercise, can positively impact posture, reduce pain and injury risk as well as enhance quad activation. This shows that adequate footwear is a crucial aspect in helping athletes remain consistent with their participation so they can achieve their training goals. When selecting the optimal strength shoe, gym-goers should always consider the support, stability, cushioning and grip that it offers.”  

To better understand how common the use of incorrect footwear during strength training is, adidas commissioned global research and found that seven in ten are wearing the wrong footwear whilst strength training, with nearly a third opting to wear running trainers and three in ten wearing everyday trainers2. The survey also explored gym goers’ rationale behind their current footwear choice, uncovering that one-in-four have not heard of strength-tailored footwear and around one-in-five gym goers reporting ‘flat soles’ as an influential factor when choosing their strength training shoes – suggesting more awareness is needed on the benefits that these can provide3. Comfort was also a popular reason, followed by support and grip4.   

The new offering marks the next step in adidas Training’s commitment to help next-gen athletes feel and realise their strength, so they can achieve their fitness goals with confidence, building on its recent mission to address intimidation in the gym – gymtimdation – and establishing longstanding collaborations with sport powerhouses such as Les Mills and Tonehouse.

Designed for the explosive movements of strength training, built with athletes in mind and set to be put through its paces by Les Mills and Tonehouse’s leading instructors, adidas’ Dropset 3 offers new, tailored enhancements. Providing each wearer with added stability, breathability, durability, and grip, the new silhouette features adidas’ HEAT.RDY technology and an upgraded geofit construction to help keep feet cool, comfortable and support. Key features include:

  • Low midsole: With a 6mm drop height, it provides a flat grounded feeling for controlled stability, distributing weight evenly whilst transferring force from feet-to-ground, for a more accurate alignment whilst weight training
  • TRAXION® rubber: The multi-directional outsole features TRAXION® rubber to give added grip, helping the athlete to feel locked to the ground and reduce slipping
  • Integrated airflow window: Strategically placed in the sole’s TORSION SYSTEM, the window works with the upper knitted mesh material to provide the athlete with added ventilation and keep them cool 

Speaking on the tailored footwear, Aimee Arana, adidas Global, General Manager, Sportswear & Training, said: “At adidas Training, we are committed to supporting our athletes on their respective training journeys and want to help optimize their performance at every step. Knowing how many individuals are unknowingly wearing the incorrect footwear whilst performing strength-based exercises underlines the additional awareness that is required. We know this type of training is a priority for next-gen athletes, so we are proud to be able to offer them a solution that can bring stability and strength to their routine.”

The new Dropset 3 is available via selected retail stores, and online at