5 Excellent Tips for Successful Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Summary: The article talks about some of the excellent tips and suggestions for having a successful and amazing Yoga teacher training in Nepal

Nepal is one of the finest Yoga destinations in the world, thanks to the long yogic history the nation has been carrying for centuries. From all over the planet, thousands of Yoga enthusiasts travel to the holy land of Nepal to attain the purest form of Yoga knowledge. Located in the lap of the Himalayas, where Yoga originated in the Vedic era, the country is extremely beautiful and offers a horde of breathtaking places that entices the heart and soul of the visitors. From the snow-packed mountains to the picture-perfect panorama of incredible vegetation as well as enjoying a Yoga teacher training and Yoga retreat in Nepal, you will find solace and a lot to do in this beautiful landlocked nation.


If you are planning to attend a Yoga TTC in Nepal, have a look at the following set of suggestions to make your program successful.

A Land of Enthralling Natural Beauties

Nepal is a kingdom of natural beauties in the Himalayas. It is a land of spectacular natural beauty that will give you the exact surroundings required to practice such a sacred art. From picturesque waterfalls to splendid mountain peaks laden with snow, to arresting valleys, Nepal has hidden gems in store for all types of travelers. Meditate by the appealing rivers flowing directly from the Himalayas and pose in Trikonasana overlooking the breathtaking cascades to soothe your soul.

Nepal is a land of spirituality

Apart from being the birth land of Gautama Buddha, Nepal is a land of spirituality where Hinduism and Buddhism are the main religions. Hinduism happens to be the largest religion with approximately 80% of the population being Hindus. Everywhere you go, you’ll find temples and stupas with holy men sitting on the outskirts. The entire atmosphere is filled with a religious vibe that allows you to experience something that you’ve only heard before. Combine that with yoga and you’ll be able to enhance your yoga experience by leaps and bounds. Your mind will be free and an urge will develop from within that will guide you on the path of self-discovery.

Book your program wisely

One of the principal tasks before going to attend a Yoga TTC event in Nepal, especially if you are not a citizen of the Indian subcontinent, is to book a suitable training program. If Nepal is entirely unknown to you, gather some information about the places and culture of the country and choose the place that you like the most. Pokhara, Kathmandu, Siddharthanagar, Lho, etc. are among the top Yoga destinations in the Himalayan kingdom. While booking a Yoga school, make sure to go through the program website properly and get everything that you want to know. It is recommended to book an event that follows traditional Yoga strictly.

Authentic Teaching of Traditional Yoga

India and Nepal are known for their traditional and authentic eastern yoga teachings that form the root of any yoga practice in the world. When you are in Nepal, you get the opportunity to learn traditional yoga from experienced and learned yoga teachers. This will let you experience and understand yoga in its true form. You’ll learn the yoga philosophies along with the asanas, pranayama, etc. and everything that is required to develop a good stronghold of this ancient practice.

It is Affordable

There is no doubt in the fact that, a yoga teacher training in Nepal is much more economical as compared to yoga training in the U.S. or the U.K. Including your accommodation and everything, a yoga teacher training in Nepal will cost you around $1500 approximately whereas, the cost for the same course in the U.S. will come to around $3000 or even more. So, that is really affordable.

Enjoy your moments in Nepal by giving you the biggest gift of the season, a Yoga teacher training in Pokhara Nepal.