Helpful Tips for Buying Your First Wig

Helpful Tips for Buying Your First Wig
Helpful Tips for Buying Your First Wig. Image source: Supplied

For many years, wearing a wig was considered taboo. People were ashamed to wear hairpieces and often tried to hide the fact that they weren’t showcasing their real hair. Wearing a wig was often associated with illness or premature hair loss.

Now, however, many A-list celebrities are openly wearing wigs and talking about why. Whether it’s protecting their natural hair from harmful chemicals to dealing with illnesses that they should be empowered to talk about, wigs are becoming a must-have fashion accessory. Whether you want a synthetic or a natural wig, you’ll be investing in it. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to choose a wig that can give you a natural look. Fortunately, this infographic has all the information you’ll need to buy the perfect wig for your type of hair.

Here are helpful tips for buying your first wig, so that you can rock the hairstyle of your dreams.

Choosing Synthetic vs. Natural Hair Wigs

At a glance, it may seem that natural hair wigs are superior to synthetic hair wigs. While they do tend to be of higher quality, there are pros and cons to each type. 

Natural wigs, like real hair, tend to be pretty high-maintenance. You need to be extra cautious with caring for them. Human hair wigs are susceptible to the elements, reacting to the wind and rain as you would expect. Fortunately, they’re also more versatile and can be colored and styled to suit your liking.

With synthetic wigs, what you see is what you get. They’re often meant to hold one style and remain the same color as when you bought them. They stand up well to the elements and tend to be more durable. However, many of the cheaper brands have a telling sheen that indicates that they’re not constructed of real hair. 

Choosing a Wig Cap Style

There are three main wig cap styles to choose from when buying your first wig. They include:

  • Lace front wigs
  • 360 lace wigs
  • Full lace wigs

Generally speaking, full lace wigs are the most comfortable to wear. They also tend to be the most expensive option.

Front lace wigs are the most common and are an excellent starting wig. However, they aren’t as versatile as a 360 lace wig, which allows you to part your hair and put it in a ponytail or updo while appearing natural.

When choosing your first wig, it’s best to start with a beginner friendly lace wig until you get more comfortable. 


How to Care for a Wig

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that wearing a wig will mean that you no longer have to think about hair care. Wigs require care and attention if you want them to last. 

The steps you take to care for your wig will depend on the type you purchase. Generally speaking, all wigs should be detangled and washed regularly with cool water. They should be stored on mannequin heads or neatly in a zippered travel case. 

How Wig Wearing Affects Your Natural Hair 

A lot of people hesitate to wear a wig because they worry it will negatively impact their natural hair. This belief is rooted in myth. If you take the time to care for the hair underneath your wig, you won’t have a problem.

Be sure to wash your real hair regularly with high-quality products, and ensure that it’s completely dry before putting on your wig. Use deep conditioners and leave-in moisturizers to keep your hair happy and healthy. Take your wig off before bedtime to give your hair a break.

If you’re concerned about how wearing a wig will impact your hair, you can invest in protective covers to wear under your wig. Hair covers are often made of silk to reduce friction and to create a barrier between your hair and the wig.

Wearing a wig is a great way to change up your hairstyle without causing damage to your natural locks. As more celebrities become vocal about how they use hairpieces, wig-wearing will become more commonplace and even trendy.

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