Trace Studios partners with NAG and announces plans to produce a new gaming talent show

Trace Studios partners with NAG and announces plans to produce a new gaming talent show
Len Nery, NAG and Sivan Pillay, Trace Studios

Trace Studios announced its partnership with New Age Gaming (NAG) at the rAge Expo 2022, to produce The Ultimate Game Master-a competition game show that creates an immersive and realistic game world, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for gamers from all walks of life to team up in pairs and compete for the title of being the Ultimate Game Master. The TV series will only be open to amateur gamers who will compete in studios across multiple platforms.

NAG has over 25 years of experience in creating unique and diverse gaming content. As the founder of the award winning mega event for video and gaming, rAge; NAG will be bringing their expertise from the gaming sector to support Trace Studios who is producer of the sister format The Ultimate Braai Master, to provide non-stop video gaming entertainment for sector seldom catered for on prime time television.

“We are very proud to have created a spin-off from our title The Ultimate Braai Master. The gaming sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and commands the attention of a massive audience. Partnering with NAG means that we can credibly run a competition on television that is supported by the best gaming minds in South Africa”, said Trace Studios CEO, Sivan Pillay.

Trace Studios and NAG aim to partner with the key brands that have been supporting the gaming industry to bring this series to life. Furthermore, the series will be distributed globally after broadcast in SA.

NAG’s Marketing director, Andrew McHenry said, “Brands wanting to position and tap into the rising Gaming market in Africa, Ultimate Game Master offers the perfect platform to position their company and brand firmly in the hearts and minds of further African gamers”.

With new technologies and platforms constantly emerging, the gaming ecosystem is a highly competitive and dynamic environment. With this partnership, Trace Studios and NAG will drive innovation and progress in the gaming industry, keeping gamers engaged and excited about the latest developments.

“We are always looking for opportunities to grow the gaming ecosystem at grassroots level and partnering with Trace Studios to bring together a mix of contestants who are at the early stage of their gaming journey, is the perfect fit for us. Providing the building blocks for young gamers in a fun and interactive way, will yield the Ultimate Game Master”, said NAG’s managing director, Len Nery.