Top Billing’s Harmony Katulondi to host debut season of THE TASTE MASTER

Top Billing’s Harmony Katulondi to host debut season of THE TASTE MASTER
Top Billing’s Harmony Katulondi to host debut season of THE TASTE MASTER


Last week, SABC 3 and Stella Artois unveiled South Africa’s hottest new reality show, The Taste Master, where they search for the next foodie sensation.


Creating and enjoying incredible foods require more than just skills in the kitchen; there is a fine art to bringing together the right people, curating warm inviting spaces and bringing the occasion to life with superbly crafted food and drink. To win the title of The Taste Master, you have to be able to do it all.


South Africa’s hottest culinary sensations will be put to the test with a series of tasks as they battle it out in the hopes of becoming the brand-new resident foodie on SABC 3’s popular variety show Afternoon Express. The new resident foodie will be able to use the platform to showcase their gastronomic talents while making a name for themselves as an industry leader in the culinary space.


Top Billing presenter Harmony Katulondi will serve as the official host of the series, which debuts next month. Harmony will guide both the contestants and viewers at home through the various challenges taking place in each episode.


Harmony is no stranger to reality television. He famously won last year’s season of Presenter Search on 3 which saw him win a coveted job as host of SABC 3’s popular magazine show Top Billing. Since winning the competition, Harmony has gone on to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments and on The Taste Master, he’s looking forward to changing another person’s life forever.


When asked about the show, Harmony had this to say, “I’m excited to be hosting The Taste Master because I love food, I love people and the art of bringing them together is the most interesting thing about this show for me. More importantly though, I’ll get to see someone’s dream come true. I’ll get to go on a journey with the contestants as they discover their passions and how to apply them to overcome the various challenges thrown at them. Having my career boosted by a similar show, I can confirm that being part of a show like this opens up your career – and your world – to new ventures. I’m excited to see what it’s going to do for our contestants”.


Harmony admits that The Taste Master is unlike anything South Africans have seen on television before because a presentation element plays a big part in this series. “This show is different from all the other cooking shows because it’s not just about the dish”.

The Taste Master show is about celebrating those who love to share their passion and creativity for making occasions more special. “Being a good cook can certainly help you get far in the competition but The Taste Master is about more than that.  There needs to be flair! There needs to be passion – not only in your meal but also in how you present it. It all needs to come alive at once and I think that if a contestant is able to do that while showing us who they are through their food, they will be well on the road to being The Taste Master”.

Auditions for the exciting new reality show are now open and will remain so until midnight on the 22nd of October 2019.


Think you have what it takes to be The Taste Master? Record a video of yourself telling us why you would be perfect for this role and upload it onto Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #TheTasteMasterSA and #StartWithAStella. It’s that easy.

The Taste Master premieres on 12th November 2019 at 19h30 on SABC 3. For more information, visit