Thrills and excitement of horse race betting build up as Durban July draws closer

Thrills and excitement of horse race betting build up as Durban July draws closer
Thrills and excitement of horse race betting build up as Durban July draws closer

As the Durban July draws near,  excitement and anticipation surrounding horse race betting  is at an all-time high. This year’s prestigious event, taking place Saturday 6 July, is expected to be a standout affair with highlights to look forward to both on and off the racetrack.

“There is substantial interest in this year’s main race because the bets in this event can provide good value compared to previous years. Notably, Rachel Venniker will make history as the very first female jockey to participate in the Durban July”, says Brenton Chelin, Head of Brand at Sportingbet.

Among the favourites for this year’s event are Green with Envy, See It Again, Royal Victory and years champion Winchester Mansion. “Envy has a position on the track, while See It Again is a strong contender  after finishing second last year”, says Chelin.

The landscape of horse race betting has evolved significantly over time, shifting from trackside betting to a more convenient mobile-centric experience. With the rise of online betting over recent years, there has been a shift towards mobile betting and horse racing betting remains popular in South Africa.

Sportingbet, a key player in the industry, has adapted to meet the needs of horse racing enthusiasts by providing a diverse range of betting options and comprehensive analytical tools. This ensures that bettors have the tools to make well informed choices. Sportingbet prioritises betting practices by utilising technological solutions to identify and address potential issues related to problem betting along with offering features like deposit limits and self exclusion options for self regulation.

Horse racing, a sport recognised for its thrill, speed, tactics and rich traditions holds a sentimental and historical position in South Africa’s sports and betting landscape. It is considered one of the most beloved forms of sports betting and has significantly influenced the overall growth of sports betting popularity in the country.

The sport of horse racing continues to be an element in South Africa’s sporting events and betting activities. As the industry progresses there are opportunities, for both experienced bettors and newcomers looking forward to engaging in the excitement of these races. Sportingbet is committed to nurturing this growth by providing tools and platforms that enhance the thrill of the betting experience.